Will Ireland survive the Woke wave?

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This is not a love song


As you say, “native” Irish, who have already been through a few centuries of colonisation prior to independence, and allegedly we have rights as an indigenous population. Although track record for indigenous populations thriving elsewhere (Americas, Australia) has not been great.

Its getting harder to know who the real snowflakes are these days.
The article is long on rhetoric and low on info. Should be all defending the statue of the nazi collaborator in fairview park?

H wasn’t a Nazi collaborator but hey, you probably knew that.

According to your logic, Roger Casement and Eoin MacNeill were also German collaborators.

It was on this basis that the case of the British authorities against the Irish Volunteers for treason was prosecuted. Casement was found guilty and executed.

His is commemorated by statues and indeed a military aerodrome. Nowadays, I suppose he would be considered a member of the LGBT community - LGBT collaborating with the German military regime. Maybe there is a flag for that?

However, Edward Carson (whilst MP for Trinity College) and William Craig, and their supporter Churchill, were not prosecuted for treason for their illegal gun running from Germany and raising a private army.

According to the British, the United Irishmen were collaborators with revolutionary France.

Complicated, isn’t it. But you knew that.

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Why are we sad
We should be happy
We should be glad
You’re trying I know
But you’re trading in you’re hours just to pay off your homes
Are you wide
This is out of control
My Éire’s in chains
Look around
She isn’t the same
T’is normal we’re told
But you’re dealing with a traitor they have turned on their own
RTE propaganda control

Is fad um mera
They’re trying to take you away from me
Cá bhuil mo Éire?
They’re trying to take you away from me

Warren’s enraged
He had a channel
They took it away
She’s dying alone
But they’ll never get our Éire we have only one home
Are you wide
They are out of control
You gave her away
We had it all and you signed it away
An Eire not free
Shall never be at peace so take her off of her knees
EU pleased
While we sleep on the streets

Is fad um mera
They’re trying to take you away from me
Cá bhuil mo Éire?
They’re trying to take you away from me
Is fad um mera
They’re trying to take you away from me
Cá bhuil mo Éire?
They’re trying to take you away from me
Tóg r’ais mo Eire
They’re trying to take you away from me

Not complicated at all.
There is a certain amount of justification for the murders committed by Russell and his ilk before the War of Independence.

In addition to whatever crimes he committed during the War of Independence, I should have added Russell (1922 to 1940) was an IRA terrorist. Anyone planning bombings in England in the 1930s was a low down dirty terrorist. Same with anyone in the 1950s and 1980s.

Im not sure if Russell was prosecuted for treason for his illegal gun-running from Germany and raising a private army.

SF would have statues of Russell, Slab Murphy and Joe Cahill on every cross roads if they could

I anticipated this response, and it is complicated: Was Ireland still occupied after 1922 (according to Russell and his ilk)? What changed? Were activities afterwards at the behest of the German regime? Were Carson’s in 1914? If Casement’s were, and Russell’s, why was Carson not tried as a collaborator too and why does his statue stand unblemished? Were we ever at war with Germany?

I thought it was quite insightful.

The following quote from that article is an excellent synopsis of where we’re at currently.

We’re still living with the consequences of the Tiger years. Nothing was resolved post 2008. Everything was just kicked down the line.

McWilliams and the SCD crowd are still there spinning shite about new paradigms and what it means to be Oirish in a diverse post-national Swedenesque utopia…thats always just around the corner.

Except Sweden is as much a shithole as everywhere else these days rendering Davey and the rest of the 80s kids wholly irrelevant.

There was old footage of Geldof railing against the system (man) on the TV the other night. The untold pain done unto him by the terrors of the Banana Republic as he attended Blackrock College before landing a gig promoting what we now know to have been the roots of the current woke globalist hypocrisy (as well as himself). Moralistic Blairite war mongers.

Id take a Bishop Casey and a Charlie Haughey (or even an Aherne) over the current caste of intolerant, progressively woke brahmins. Their sins paled in comparison.

And Im far from the only one judging by recent soundings.

We’re on the one road…


This is a very different country now even compared to 2010

Foley: We’re going to “balance” LC grades for gender and economic status

Ms Foley said all individual grades will have to be checked and reviewed using different demographic characteristics – including gender and socio-economic status – to ensure they are as fair and equitable as possible.

I want to make sure that this work is done rigorously – so that the results of Leaving Certificate 2020 are of the same high quality and reliability as the results in any other year,” she said.*

Let’s be clear about this: This does not happen in a normal year, with normal results. Teachers get a batch of papers to correct, and all they are given is the exam number of the student. The papers are marked blind.

The only exceptions to this are in cases where a student with a learning impediment is granted a waiver for things like grammar and spelling, and the corrector is provided with this information in advance.

But reviewing the results according to gender and socio-economic status to ensure they are fair? What is that supposed to mean?

Does it mean, for example, that someone might conceivably lose their H1 grade because somebody from another gender or socio-economic group needs it more? Because it sure sounds like that.

Remember, the leaving cert is marked on a curve every year. That is to say, the number of H1s and H2s (A1s and A2s to people of my age) is fixed in percentage terms year on year, to prevent grade inflation. Every year, a certain number of students will get H1s, and a certain number will get H2s, and so on. This is all well and good when the exams are being marked blind, because there’s no discrimination in who gets the good grades and who gets the less good ones.

But in this situation, where, for the first time, the department of education has final responsibility for who gets what, they are now introducing “gender and socio-economic considerations”?


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In the woke stakes. Ireland is going for broke!

Students Support Sharing The Wealth But Not Sharing The GPA

:notes: In Dublin’s woke city
Where they put up propaganda posters
I first set my eyes on the NGO mind control tactics


PPP Mind Control

The public is to blame for every mistake. Shame the public.

Fascinating stuff. Move to a non diverse country…demand power

Part demand/part threat

There is a lack of diversity throughout Irish ranks whether it be in politics, academics or the media. I want to see real representation but I’m concerned there won’t be a meaningful impact. We don’t just need cosmetic changes, we need changes that go down to the roots of society. We’ve had these moments in the past where incidents happen and then we return to the status quo. Just think of the Paris banlieues riots (in 2005); there was so much discussion about inclusion and then nothing really changed. We say these are watershed moments but then nothing really happens.”

Doesn’t want Sorcha’s woke correspondent job…wants Fintan’s job.

Asking a person of colour to write a column in a newspaper about race is not enough, he adds. They should be commenting on their area of expertise whether that be in science, music, business or politics. “My expertise is much larger than race issues and this is something I need to amplify; that BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic) people have much more to offer than the racist experience and narrative.”

The lack of self knowledge is breathtaking. His father was a Tamil separatist…now he wants to lump in and speak on behalf of the entire Black/Brown race.

To be honest I wish he’d never come. Where does he get off with his demands to make changes down to the roots of society ?

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Meets some drunk arseholes in Eyresquare…Ireland now needs to change. :roll_eyes:

Guy needs to get out more in the real word. Seems to have lived a cloistered existence.

Encountered gougers and hardchaws in Dublin 8 (who no one obtained consent from when their home was subject to Plantation)…now Ireland needs to change.