Will Ireland's corporation tax survive?


share price of apple isn’t suffering. Banana Republics don’t dictate terms to multi-nationals so I’d guess the market doesn’t expect Ireland will ever come looking for the tax owed.


I suspect it’s been priced in for a while.


Was the contractor Irish or foreign owned?


The contractor wasn’t available in the middle of the night to ask.


From that I can only assume you were employed by an Irish company rather than one of the big bad multinationals :slight_smile:


No, no idea. I only ever spoke to a foreman. I hadn’t a concern for the workings of the big bad world back then, just didn’t want to be on the dole. Do you have a point?


Well at least the FT article has a bit more depth and indicates the full ruling is not yet published. Maybe I’ll eat my words when that happens.


Ah, just a poor lad up from the country with little or no skills looking to make his way in the world :slight_smile:

My point was that you stated MNC do not create high paying jobs and backed this up with an anecdotal story about your time working for what appears to have been an Irish contractor.


You are reaching there to try to undermine me by pointing out that I was working in a woefully poorly paid job in the ultimate service of a a multi-national.
BTW in '95 you didn’t have to be unskilled to have no job.



The purpose of my post was to highlight the inconsistency of your arguement.

From my own experience in 1995, a semi skilled manufacturing operative working for an Irish employer earned somewhere in the region of £7-10k p.a. depending upon the industry and shift allowances.


Since I can’t identify my Employer beyond them being contractors for Microsoft I think your point falls a bit flat, don’t you?


It doesn’t need to be only apple. I just needs to be some form of favoured treatment. Would be as bad if they gave the good rates to all firms and penalised one or a small number. Also illegal if they favoured a few companies.

So absolutely no need to know it’s only apple. Enough to know apple was sweetheart and that many other companies were not. If another firm got sweetheart too then that means another settlement to be reached.

Lot of dumb folk in apple and revenue it seems writing letters etc.,


Dipole’s central point seems to be that a great many MNC jobs are yellow pack. They were then. They are now. Do people actually dispute this ? is this so controversial ?

New crime in Ireland - MNC Blasphemy



Very well put.


I remember being embarrassed by recommending that a recently unemployed friend of mine get a job with my current employer in another department and then discovering the wage they paid. You wouldn’t have kept a Budgie in birdseed on what they were paying.


BTW it’s worth re-reading the EC’s original request for information from the State (which I posted to page 21 of this thread), which sets out all the claims in detail. Long but worth a read.

ec.europa.eu/competition/state_a … 4_87_2.pdf

In other words, Revenue agreed that they would tax ASI based on their local costs, not their profits.


Quick question:
If it takes Ireland/Apple about 5 years to appeal today’s decision, and the money sits in an Irish controlled account until then… can Ireland just roll-over that 13Bn at 2% p.a. and pick up 250M a year while this plays out?
It’d be 1.25Bn minimum over 5 years!


Interest would accrue to the eventual winner I would imagine.


What about at negative rates?!


Apple can keep it in one of their apple pay digital wallets…shure it is better than a bank.