Will it sell for asking?

Just spotted this myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/2413733 for sale at 1,250,000

An identical house sold a few months ago next door for 990K propertypriceregister.ie/web … enDocument

I think it was the same person who owned/developed them as I was in 27 and it looks identical to 26, same bathroom , floors etc

The only thing I can think of that is different between the two is that 26 is better furnished.

Do EAs think we are that stupid that would would pay 260K more for the same house in a matter of months or are people really that stupid and are dazelled by nice furniture ?

There are a lot of stupid people out there.

Moss: yes, definitely same developer.

See Dublin City Planning. You might be able to compare layouts and see if they are identical.
Planning Application Reference: 4784/06 Registration Date: 28-Aug-2006

dublincity.ie/swiftlg/apas/r … in.display

See this too

odosarchitects.com/odos/page … s/art.html

From what I remember from the pics of 27 it had a very unusual return extension to the rear. I hope they don’t get anything near the asking, it will only encourage EA to keep adding 25% on the the asking price of houses.

Although they are nice house the major problem with them is that you will have a car park outside your front door every weekday morning and evening.

here’s the plan; more drawings on the DCC website

I thought EAs were bad…
odosarchitects.com/odos/page … s/art.html

I really don’t get this question. All capitalism is about supply and demand.
Since the last one sold, there might be 2 parties recently mortgage approved interested in it who bid it up to crazy money. Or a lotto winner & returning wealthy family who have their hearts set on the road etc etc. What a similar house sold for previously is a guide, but of course the estate agent is going to put a higher price on this one. The current psychological thinking is all about bargains. People feel if they get it for less than the asking, it’s a bargain. How many threads have you seen saying “well it went for x in 2006, what % less should we pay”.

It could still go for less than the other one. This time there might be less interest.

I viewed the similar neighboring #27 property last year. At the time they were asking €1.2-1.3m and it eventually sold for under €1m. Looks like they are adopting a similar approach to marketing #26

Well for me no matter how much money I had I wouldn’t be willing to pay 260K more for it than someone else did only a few months previously. 27 was on the market for well over a year so there wasn’t a mad rush for it either. The last year it had gone from 1.5 to 1.25 finally selling for 990
I personally think someone who is is completely bonkers

26 & 27 Castlewood Avenue houses are identical in size and layout inside. So much so that the photos for the sales brochure of no.27 had actually been taken in no.26! Expecting buyers to pay a 25% price appreciation in the space of 3 months is insulting on the part of the EA, especially with the €990k price for no.27 being publicly available on the property price register. Surely any rational buyer will use this €990k level as the indicative price, rather than the €1.25 asking?