Will Luas extension lift south county prices? I.T.

They don’t even have to mention which county anymore.

irishtimes.com/newspaper/pro … 77692.html

Do they mean houses rather than homeowners?
12 per cent of what? prices before the opening Luas opened or prices further away from the Luas? In both of these cases the increase could have been explained by other factors.

“Command a premuim” I like it. In the current market Im not sure it would effect the price but it might effect more interest in a property.

So this very large 3 bed, 1 bath (75 Sq. Metres (807 Sq. Feet) will only drop
to €185,000 because it’s close to the Gallops Luas stop but the same
type of crap further away will plummet to €179,000. 8-

3 bed, 1 bath, apartment …€315,000


The section of the red line Luas from Jervis to Museum is mostly half knocked sites full of budlea and derilict pubs, shops and houses. Maybe this in indicitative of high property prices, anything is possible in this FFland of ours :frowning:

Out of morbid curiosity how much has this section of the Luas cost per km compared to the first 2 lines?

Remember it’s a only a tram and half of the extension runs along
a closed train line so it should have been less expensive but we
don’t do less expensive.

It’s great to have any half decent infrastructure
in Dublin but yes we’re still been ripped off.
And what is the true cost because a PPP has something to do with this. 8-

and doesn’t zone 2 go out past Windy Arbour to Dundrum?

It works very well - regularity of service and journey times are great
Why no park and ride at cherrywood though?

Yeah. Read the rest of it, why don’t you.

By the way, I have an old map of Dublin that says that it’s Windy Harbour…

So, this apartment went up for sale at €229,950 the weekend the Luas extension opened.
It’s located opposite the new Gallops Luas stop and in one week it has dropped
30k / 13% to €199,950. So how’s that lift in South County prices working out. Not.

Now that we’ve finally moved from denial to fear it seems no amount of VI spin
can make a difference to the reality of where prices are going.

Castle estate agents ahead of the curve yet again.

Quarter of a millon dollars for that place. If you showed that to an inhabitant of any city in the richest country in the world, New York perhaps aside, they would laugh at you.

Only compared to dublin bus. By european standards, it would be a feeder service at most.

It has neither the capacity nor frequency nor speed to qualify as a trunk service, nor can it ever be scaled up to be a large scale interconnected network, since the impact on other road uses would be of a similar magnitude to the capacity added.

It is the proverbial pigs ear for the price of a silk purse, costing as it did significantly more per km than say, the madrid metro extension which was built at the same time.

But hey, it provides an adequate service to a small fraction of the city’s commuting population, who both live and work within a short distance of the same line.