Will people ever take "vaccines" ever again?

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  1. A lot of people are taking a second look at vaccines these days. As someone who’s written several books about them, I thought you might enjoy my personal opinion/list of the most interesting unknown facts about vaccines. It’s a crazy list!


  1. Polio. The paralysis of polio was caused by many different viruses—not just one. It started happening in the 1890s when they stared coating everything in a new pesticide. It caused leaky guts & allowed these viruses to reach the spinal cord. Image

  2. Polio ended in the 1950s when they stopped using DDT on children. Like the 1890s pesticide, DDT also caused leaky gut and allowed many different dangerous viruses into the spinal cord, paralyzing many children. Image

  3. There were basically two polio vaccines. The first one was injected and didn’t work. The second was taken orally and worked okay. But it had a side effect—polio! This vaccine is currently the largest source of polio/paralysis in the world. Image

  4. Both vaccines targeted the poliovirus. No vaccines were created for the other paralyzing viruses, which is why countries with out-of-control pesticide use (like India) still struggle with childhood paralysis. Image

  5. Vaccines are the leading cause of autism. Scientists and doctors will swear they are not, but it’s obvious to anyone who’s not afraid to look, it’s vaccines. How do we know this? I’ll mention two things. Image

  6. There are thousands and thousands of parents whose children developed autistic symptoms directly after their vaccines—within hours. Sometimes before they got home from the doctor’s offices. This has been documented, often with video proof, over and over. Image

  7. Autism began appearing in the 1930s in the U.S., directly after aluminum was added to the single pediatric vaccine children received at that time. Another country made this change: Austria. Autism began to appear there as well. Image

  8. You’ll hear the MSM say the autism/vaccine link has been studied & debunked over & over, but it hasn’t—It’s never been studied. They looked at one vaccine & one ingredient: MMR/mercury. They’ve never looked at aluminum & they never studied all the childhood vaccines together.

  9. You’ll hear that Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s autism/vaccines paper was retracted. That paper looked at the connection between gut illness & children with autism. It specifically said it found no association between vaccines & autism. Why was it retracted then? ImageImage

  10. Because parents started getting suspicious, Wakefield and the other dozen authors of the paper became targets of the medical establishment. The result was the longest, most expensive medical court proceeding in the history of the U.K.

It was a sham. He was the scapegoat. Image

  1. The Wakefield paper wasn’t retracted due to fraudulent data, despite what people say. The data wasn’t generated or interpreted by Wakefield anyway. He lost his medical license on a technicality—obtaining control samples of blood from healthy children in an unapproved way.

  2. Smallpox. Many people credit the smallpox vaccine with eradicating smallpox. This is the only human disease which vaccines even receive that credit, by the way. Polio, measles, and every other illness is still out there. Image

  3. Smallpox was a horrible vaccine. Only a small percentage of the world ever received it and it was stopped being given because the side effects were so horrible and frequent—not because the disease was declared eradicated.

You can look up pictures of the side effects.

  1. Scientists don’t currently even know what’s in the smallpox vaccine. It’s been grown in so many different animal species that they can’t even identify what exactly it is anymore. It has been this way for a long time. No other vaccine works like this. Image

  2. You will hear that smallpox only exists in two laboratories in the U.S. and Russia (as a safeguard against future biological attack—makes sense), but the reality is its virologic descendants probably exist throughout the world—we just don’t even know it. Image

  3. Vaccines have brought with them many other problems. Eczema. Food allergies. Autoimmune disorders. Other neurological problems—all of these illnesses which didn’t appear to exist before the advent of widespread childhood vaccinations.

  4. Vaccines are not treated as drugs by the government. As a result, they are not safety tested in the same way. A typical drug might be studied for months or years. Vaccines may be monitored for side-effects for as little as 48 hours.

  5. Vaccines aren’t tested against truly inert placebos. They’re tested again OTHER VACCINES! That’s how they compare how safe a vaccine is—by determining if it’s as safe as another vaccine! Crazy but true.

  6. The entire childhood vaccine schedule has never been safety tested. Each vaccine is tested in the ridiculously lax method I just described, but never together the way other drug interactions might be studied. Image

  7. Flu and TDaP shots which are recommended to pregnant women have never been safety tested on pregnant women. Why? It’s too DANGEROUS. So rather than safety test them, they just administer them and hope for the best. You are the guinea pig. Image

  8. Vaccine manufacturers made a deal with the government in 1986 & can’t be sued. There is no other business in the world that has this deal. You have to sue the gov’t if something happens, & guess who pays for damages? Not pharma! You do! Through a per-vaccine fee. Image

  9. SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, are babies who die from their vaccines. Of course no one wants to say that, so they call it unexplained. It doesn’t matter if perfectly health twin babies died the night after their shots, doctors will say “We don’t know what happened.” Image

  10. Vaccines routinely cause cranial nerve damage that is visible as asymmetry on your face. Crooked smiles and misaligned eyes are the most easily-recognized symptoms.

  11. Other commonly visible vaccine problems: a droopy mouth & torticollis, when a baby can’t hold their head straight. There are many others I cover in my book, Crooked:Man-made Disease Explained. It’s a fascinating and horrible phenomenon—once you see it, you can’t unsee it. ImageImage

  12. Before I list some other common unknown facts about vaccines, I’ll list some books real quick. “Unvaccinated” is a short, little book that describes why growing numbers of parents are choosing natural immunity for their children:


  1. The true story about polio is fascinating if you’ve never heard it. I have a book called “The Moth in the Iron Lung” that describes it like a detective novel—it’s a fairly popular book:
    Super easy to read.


  1. Here’s the book about Crooked faces and many other neurological and autoimmune issues: Lyme, Chronic Fatigue, Lupus, POTS, etc.:


  1. Here is a longer explanation of the Polio story within a Tweet thread. It doesn’t do “The Moth” justice, but if you’re interested, it is fascinating:

Unroll available on Thread Reader

  1. Here is a longer explanation of the Autism Vaccine story within a Tweet thread. The book, “The Autism Vaccine” is much better, but you’re curious, it may be worth a quick read:

Unroll available on Thread Reader

  1. Much of my vaccine-related research is contained within a nearly 3-hour video that will blow your mind. I don’t want to link the YouTube video directly as it may be deleted at anytime, but it’s currently at the bottom of this page:


  1. Okay, more interesting facts about vaccines. Many people believe that AIDS originated from an experimental polio vaccine administered in the Congo. This may seem crazy, but vaccines are routinely cultured in animal tissue. Problems happen when animal viruses get into humans. Image

  2. There are 2 HIV strains. Not one, but two. They both got into humans around the same time. How did this seemingly impossible coincidence take place? This map showing where the experimental polio vaccine was administered + initial reports of AIDS might explain it. ImageImage

  3. If you think there’s no chance this could’ve happened, it’s happened before. Bernice Eddy discovered the polio vaccine in America was tainted with SV40, a virus that was causing cancer.

SV = Simian Virus.
40 = They had already discovered 39 other ones. Image

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As I said in another thread that guy on twitter is just some crank with a music and religion degree. Zero background in any kind of science or mathematics. What he wrote is just garbled garbage and the usual half baked collection of anecdotes and jumbled word salad.

The story told about the history of polio and the various polio vaccines in the most recent standard textbook on the subject not only gives a consistent, coherent and very well documented story but its very obvious where the cranks with little or no understanding of the relevant subjects went off the deep end into their fantasy land.

For a more detailed discussion of the history try here.

Here is the first chapter of the first book in its entirety. This is what actually happened. The usual story of advances, mistakes, better understanding and more effective vaccines.

Perhaps, but theory & practice are two different things. I don’t trust the people developing & distributing vaccines any more.

Wild polio is mostly eradicated - recent outbreaks have come from inadequately attenuated polio vaccines.

Even polio vaccines in the west (usually the dead type) have had issues, with SV40 contamination.


I’m not going to debate the theory of vaccination & what it can or should theoretically beneficially achieve. The issue is the current practice of it & that I just don’t trust the pushers any more. The number of shots an infant in the US gets is horrendous. Hep B? For an infant with no family Hx or specific exposure risk?


You had a previous topic too Polio vaccine contamination 1955-63

Then we have this The Polio gambit


More than half of respondents either said they regret getting vaccinated, or were unvaccinated and happy with their decision.

Only 35 per cent out of more than 45,000 people said they were vaccinated and would make the same decision again.

Not a single person said they were unvaccinated and regret the decision.

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