Will the Fianna Fáil brand come clean in the wash?


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They will be like FCA veterans from the Emergency - They’ll have reunions for the next 20 years.

I’ve no regard whatsoever for FG/Labour but how can FF possibly defend themselves on the doorsteps in any election in the 20 years. If Lenny was alive and able to knock on the doors personally he might be able to bamboozle the electorate but your average member just can’t.


Logos, brands etc. Political parties reliance on such shite will eventually render the political system itself toxic.


Barney the blame lies squarely with those who carried out irresponsible actions.
So FF carry much of the blame along with corruption in Banking and the permanent Civil Service management.

Ultimately, the way the current opposite side of the coin (i.e. FG and Labour) are carrying on, I believe the politics may degenerate to a level that it no longer satisfies those young who remain here. With 40% more cuts (or taxes or both) coming our way if we continue per the Quadrology Plann (remember that the UK (nearly always not mentioned by pR(TE)avda) are part of our current funding partners along with the “Troika”) people will begin to see their lifestles suffer and will react or not react in ways that the goverment may or may not be able to cope with.

I think that good times for the big parties is over, Labour, FF, Greends are all just different versions of the same.

FF is as good as over. FG and Labour soon to be also (if that is they do implement the next 3 rounds of cuts!).


A glue sniffer’s bag.

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IMHO FF acted in the best interests of the country post September 2008.

The bank guarantee without doubt was a f**k up . But their other decisions to increase taxes, cut services, pension levies etc. were all needed.

FF knew that none of the above were going to win them votes in the election but made them anyway.

Lets see if our current government has the backbone to make the hard choices!


Are ye nuts ?

FF didn’t make any hard decisions - the massive budget deficit they left is proof enough of that.
Their ‘cuts’ were nothing but superficial budgetary cosmetics to give the impression that they were actually doing something about it, whereas in fact nothing of substance was accomplished.

If FF enacted the appropriate level of spending cuts and tax increases they would have been obliterated forever.
It’s no coincidence they dodged the real hard decisions !


No their history of gombeenism will haunt them till the end of time (which in Irelands case is probably until the next election when anybody who has been hurt by the current harsh budgets will succumb to the promises of 'its different this time ’ and ‘we’ve learned from our mistakes cause the old guard are gone’) :sick:


It could be argued that the Good Friday agreement made brand FF redundant. The real split in irish politics has yet to happen, between FG and Labour.


I saw one of these stories in the indo too. I guess it is these stories in the media that are themselves the process of cleaning up the FF brand. I think the indo’s spin was 'how long a turn in the political wilderness will it take?" The key point being that FF are not going away.


Clean underpants required first. Far too many soiled ones around.


FF are getting very worried, existentially. My prediction has taken 10 years but it is coming through !


FF barely cobbled a deal with FG last time to keep SF out.

Since then the housing crisis has gotten a lot worse and they shut the country for 18 months. SF are laughing…