Will we ever have a decent property registry in Ireland?

It seems crazy to me that no one seems to know exactly how many properties there are in the country at any given time and who owns them. Surely it would be a great help to the revenue if they had a list of who owned every property linked by PPS number or something? It seems odd that I can go out and buy two houses and if I don’t tell the revenue about the second one I can sell it on and not pay CGT.

What rules are there in place about registering a new property in Ireland? There are things like home bond and other stats but why no definitive index of properties built? It seem all we have is indicators like homebond and ESB hook ups?

Never , if you saw the shower that work in it you would know why !

In the revenue? I’ve found them to be grand on the phone. I would have thought there would be hundreds of millions to be made if they had the right information. I might also temper the next property bubble as buy-to-leave speculators have to include tax in their calculations.

But if you put that amount of money into a bank a/c, the bank has a legal duty to inform the authorities. So unless you’ve some other way of “cleaning” the money… :slight_smile:

True, but have the Revenue been following on up these of late? I heard of a fair few people who have been holding 2 properties and don’t intend to tell the revenue.

More rainy day funds for the rev perhaps?

If only they would! Beverly Cooper Flynn saw otherwise on a similar matter, now the TV liscence payer is subsidising her return to FF. Says a lot about FF that they are willing to admit a proven liar back to the fold so easily. Revenue are going to have to come up with some creative schemes as the coffers are not looking good right now.