"Will your lifestyle survive?" - Irish Times


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  • Their lifestyle might not survive but mine will
  • Meh, what can you do… we live and learn
  • I’m spartacus! NO I’m Spartacus, actually no, I meant to say I’m middle-class
  • Are we bailing out the banks or the new middle class?
  • I don’t know what a tracker mortgage is…
  • Recession chic is in vogue, the new poor are the new “Nouveau riche”

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This article, just like the Pat Kenny budget phone-in shows how its always the females doing the whining.

Female civil servants, having huge families and expecting the taxpayer to pay for their private school fees and ballet lessons.



The term “Trolling” is to good for ya. More of this crap and you will find your comments moderated or further action taken.


I posted this before it starts 5 minutes in and runs about 50 minutes.
If you have the time it might be worth watching.
It explains why the middle class is in trouble and where the money has gone.

The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class


Agreed. However, I am glad that the elitist bolloxology of sending your kids to private school will not be possible for thousands of Irish snobs from now on. They can put the money saved towards the third level fees coming down the tracks.


Re: Euribore

He has a point in that its always seems to be women featured in the newspaper stories.
Is this because most of the newspapers property reporters appear to be women so find it easier to get other women to speak to them?
I remember thinking when watching George Lee’s “how we blew the boom” that it was unusual to hear from Men about their problems with property. He spoke to the developer guy, the land owner, and the furniture salesman, as well as the Female ex Microsoft employee.

Perhaps more Women are in deeper trouble than Men,
or Men are less likely to admit to it


Well women tend to on average communicate more. Also the rise of women in the workplace I suppose has really been a 20/30 year strong trend thing the last 10 being most earnestly encouraged or necessary. So they are as much involved in the labour force now as men, probably as much as you could expect at this stage.

Regarding the users inflamatory comments which are way out of order they would be mindful to remember its not that long ago women where forced to leave the civil service to have their big families once married :unamused:


That quote is going to send a chill down many people’s spines.


Some of the article is nauseating, the continued references to the middle class, the we are so well educated we deserve better, private schools, holiday homes, holidays, etc. People have been living in la la land that they now believe they are entitled to all these things. Everybody is in for a rude awakening.


He has a point in that its always seems to be women featured in the newspaper stories.
Maybe, as in my house, the woman manages the money. :open_mouth:


2006 The year of entitlement.

In a decades time twill will probably be known as year zero or will be the year that all the graphs will use as the 100 benchmark for comparisons . As for my lifesytle. It doesn’t cost a lot so I can’t see it taking a huge whammy. My saving rate will be curtailed, I’ll get over it, I’ll still have my great relationship with my family and friends and still continue to be nice to people I meet.
8DD Happy Easter to one and all.


According to this author

boston.com/news/globe/ideas/ … the_brain/

(Unproven US psych-babble though)


A great insight, well worth watching, thanks GB.


It is worth watching - she’s a very clear communicator, and very convincing, too.


Quite the contrary, that couple exemplify what was said on the pin and in other areas throughout the boom but which was ignored - buying a property based on both incomes was unsustainable. What happens when they have kids? What if one gets a pay cut? Their current woes are not due to the budget cuts or even the economic downturn, but IMO are due to them being encouraged to take out the maximum they could borrow based on two incomes, one of which was going to be removed.

OP, can you be a bit clearer in your poll options?


Its more of a joke poll really… I can try and remove it if its against the rules, but they are usually fairly popular.


It shocked me to learn so many households rely on the budgets being controlled by women.

I am reminded of the old joke:“My credit card was stolen three months ago - I haven’t reported it solen - the thief is spending less than my wife.”


I don’t find it shocking. SInce often the woman of the house both the groceries, looked after the house on a daily basis, managed the kids and so forth it makes sense they would need the majority share of the household income.

Why do you think all advertising and shopping experiences are aimed at the lady folk?

  • 1 plus correct me if I’m wrong but I believe Irish House prices were double the US average at the peak


Oh no! Not women managing money! Whatever would the pope say??

The misogyny in this thread is severely off putting.