William Fry and Liam Carroll

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irishtimes.com/newspaper/bre … ing55.html

Law firms in Ireland generally don’t undertake high profile actions for recovery of legal fees. It is a serious amount of money for anyone. Who said that the only winners in all this will be the lawyers…

They can only win if they can squeeze the money out of him. But I expect this to be a popular mood as the two most hated professions are:

  1. Lawyers
  2. Developers.

I’m sure people would rather see the lawyers get it than he get it, although they would obviously rather it go to the central funds.

It is becoming much more usual for solicitors and barristers to look for payment up front.

The cost of accessing justice or having a dispute decided on should be proportionate to the amount in dispute and to the amount businesses can afford to invest in such matters.

If he was not happy with the rates he could have gone with a far cheaper firm.

Access to justice is not expensive. Access to the top knotch law firm and a 100 employees throwing their weight behind your attempt to rescue your failing billion euro business is expensive.

Yes but €4.8 million in legal costs. That’s a lot of bucks for one case. That works out at 24 thousand man hours at an average of €200/hour.

in most industries you’d expect to have something to show for those man hours;

Software - a few meg of Code

Civil Engineering - reams of plans

In this case I really wonder what the upshot of their blood,sweat and tears was?

  • “Still no money Liam? You’re still fvcked”

i would imagine they know where the money is now

how does the whistleblowers charter and the solicitors omerta vow stack up?

I had heard a wonderfully lurid version of this story a year ago and referred to it about 4 posts down in this thread below.


The version I heard had Senior Partners in Top 5 Legal firms personally calling to Liams house looking for cash and getting roared out of it by family members in a nice leafy part of Dublin.

Do we know whether Liam and his minions have shelled out for the court cases over the Danninger maze of companies that ran all summer in 2009, this action refers to earlier events.

We first started writing about liam’s troubles when i found out he was offering his professional advisers 60c in the euro. One law firm had apparently been owed e8m on a move that never went ahead

Hopefully the new home defence legislation will be enacted soon, allowing homowners to shoot intruders looking for money.

Does this mean that Liam Carroll is now compos mentis?


NAMA appoints ‘super receiver’ to Carroll group - Laura Noonan → independent.ie/business/iris … 42241.html

Somehow I can see the shrinks making as much out of this gig as the lawyers …surely a first :nin