Willow Park, Cedarwood, Ballygall

Bono (of U2 dontcha know) has made much of his origins in one of Dublins toughest neighbourhoods, Ballymun.

Actually, Bono (AFAIK) is from the Cedarwood estate just off Glasnevin Avenue.

Far from being tough, it appears judging by the prices that this is a middle class enclave caught between two very rough areas, Ballymun and Finglas.

Hence Bono does not have a northside Dublin accent, whereas Christy Dignam for example does.

I’ve digressed too much from the point I want to make. (I’ve nothing against Bono, or Christy Dignam, both great singers and they can have whatever the hell accents they want).

My question is: why does this general area of Cedarwood/ Willow Park/ Ballygall attract such high prices, judging by the asking prices…I see a lot of asking prices in the low €300s…

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 11/1612727

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 11/1402261

It’s a reasonable area. Lower middle class, in my opinion. These houses were built just before the Ballymun flats, or the council sprawl in Finglas. So, I imagine, the buyers in the 60s must have felt quite screwed when only a few years later a mass of cheaper housing went up around them.

Yeah, my parents were amongst them ! Fields all around when they first moved in in 1960. They had no problems with houses similar to our own being built in the fields to the north and west of us, but there was some crack (pun intended) to be had when the Flats were built, and Finglas turned into bandit country. The Willow Park part of it is technically Glasnevin North. In the 80’s the residents association petitioned the Corpo to have it changed as kids from the area were supposedly being impacted in job searches when they said that they were from Ballymun. That may explain some of the asking prices.

Bono went to school in Mount Temple, not the local national school. He also moved permanently away from the area when he was 16. He is also addicted to all things American and cool and spends a lot of time there. I imagine that has a lot to do with how his accent has evolved over the years. Has CD ever left Finglas? I also didn’t go to school in the area, so I wouldn’t have quite the same Dublin accent that my neighbours have either.

The Willow Park houses were bought by young first time buyers and professionals (my ma & da were teachers) who were themselves the children of home owners, and were from a wide variety of backgrounds, leading to a diversity of accents amongst them. Lots of people were relocated from the inner city to the council sprawl and high rise flats of Ballymun and Finglas. That brings with it another accent that peeps growing up in Finglas would be more likely to have, than those of us in the chi chi, Beverly Hills-esqe enclave that is Willlow Park/Cedarwood.