Wilson Moore still in Celtic Tiger???

Are Wilson Moore still living in celtic tiger era. Have been viewing a lot of houses lately and checking the various websites and a lot of their property has “NOT OPEN TO OFFERS!! OFFERS OF FULL ASKING OR ABOVE!!!”. I think this sends out the wrong message to prespective buyer such as myself, when I see something like this I just move on to the next house and wouldnt even bother ringing to arrange a viewing. I am sure that a lot of these houses probably havent got to many views from house hunters.

Why do people naturally assume that it is the EA (and not the owner) who makes this decision ?

Fair point, but I see it on several houses that Wilson/Moore are selling. Maybe you or somebody else can post a link where other EAs are doing the same, as I havent seen any.

For what it’s worth I rang them on Friday about a particular house. The girl I spoke to did not seem to be very clued up and suggested that one of the others would ring me back… No call received as yet. I then decided to have a look at their promotional video where they extol their own virtues… Worth a look if you want a laugh and can bear to sit through it… :unamused: Will see if i can link it here (it’s on wilsonmoore.ie)…
wavenex.ie/Video-Site/wavenex-on … 0Moore.flv

Viewed a house with Wilson Moore recently they had offers in excess blather on the advert. On the night in question there were about 8 couples there to view it. In my opinion it was only a pathetic effort to create a bit of hype and hysteria of the bygone days. Not impressed at all. House is way over priced too
.myhome.ie/residential/brochu … n-5/138266

Mad price, wrong side of the railway line, but then they’ll maybe find a mug who will pay totatlly over the odds.

when I was looking for a rental last year I saw one property with them. I would not do business with them again after they tried to argue that a BER was not a legal requirement (in Feb 09) and the gas boiler that was not serviced in 4 years was not a problem. they also refused to engage in haggling on rental price.

I did tell him to fuck off (in a more polite way)
I explained that the area had a gross over-supply of properties. I was not an idiot, I knew my rights and their obligations I could wait for a better place to come on the market with a more reasonable landlord at a reduced rent, and it would be unlikly that I would do business with Wilson Moore again.
This probably did not go down well with them because they was aware I had recently sold my house, I arrived well dressed (suit & tie) driving a flash car (Lexus IS250)

They may be more on buyers side than you think. A friend of mine sold her house with them and she was saying they put alot of pressure on her to reduce the asking price again and again. They even rang her to advise that a neighbour (also selling with them) was about to reduce their asking price and so she should too. My mate was talking to neighbour and she had been told exact same thing but other way around obviously!!

They bad mouth the area you live in and try to get sellers to panic that they may not sell and they hype EVERYTHING. She got her mam to ring to make a viewing to see how things were being handled. The mother then cancelled the “viewing” and they took such delight in telling her the viewing was cancelled as the lady found somewhere else to buy.

She had viewers turn up without being told they were coming and their ad was removed from daft for about 2 weeks due to “an error with DAFT”!!! In fairness they sold her house in the end but for about 40k off what they had valued it at. They valued it and said she would get “x” for it, 5 days later they had an offer 20k less which they recommended she take!!! She was quoting back to them what they had just told her 5 previously but that no longer applied.

She said to keep well away from these - apparently some of the agents aren’t even qualified. She tried to have a second agent in the area act jointly with WM and they laughed at her - none of them would entertain the idea!!!

They seem to be getting more and more properties - I am seeing their signs everywhere since she told me about them

Good to get some inside, even if it is second hand, info on they’re operation. This isn’t the first thread on them. I’ve posted before that I believe the NOT OPEN TO OFFERS (shouted) is bad sales psychology. People would like to get a house for X% less than asking even if the asking price is X% higher.

Only point of contention I have is there is no such thing as a qualified estate agent. There’s membership of the various auctioneering bodies and an associated title based on practice experience but this is not a qualification.

It would be interest to know what % commission they charge versus the bigger agents who I believe are charging 1.75% now.

Saw your post and just rang her there (this is service for you!!!). She was charged 1.25% - absolutely non negotiable on this. She negotiated on the advertising costs though but couldn’t remember how much she go off maybe 50 squids

Wilson Moore still at it :angry:




I guess that this the final reduction until the next reduction is necessary. I see that Mr. P Hantom is already expressing strong interest. I’d pay €350,000 personally for it.

Not true Robd, here are 5 anyway, some are level 8 Degree courses which take 4 years fulltime to complete;

(1) Auctioneering, Valuation & Estate Agency DT104
BSc (EASTÁT RÉADACH) Leibhéal 7 / BSc (REAL ESTATE) Level 7

Duration of programme: 3 years
Type of programme: Ordinary Degree
Number of places: 45 approx.
dit.ie/study/undergraduate/p … encydt104/

(2) Property Economics DT110

Duration of programme: 4 years
Type of programme: Honours Degree
Number of places: 30 approx
dit.ie/study/undergraduate/p … d.en.37971

(3) Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Property Valuation and Management (Level 8)


gmit.ie/engineering/building … -hons.html

(5) IAVI/DIT BSc(Hons) in Property Studies

If we look at the 2010 points requirement for these courses in these fine institutions it is clear that these courses are attracting the brightest & best.

DIT DT104 230 Points
DIT DT110 320 Points
LIT LC481 280 points
GMIT GA481 No Points Info available
IAVI No point required

My Wilson Moore experience, for what it is worth. :smiley:

I sold a house last year. WM was one of 5 companies that I had come up to the house to do a valuation, and for me to vet their EA’s. I figured if they could not sell me on their company, they would not be able to sell a prospective buyer on the house. WM was very active in the area that I was selling in.

4 of the 5 valuations were within 10 grand of each other, and my own private research of what the house was worth. The WM was the lone valuation to be waaaay below the others. To be honest, I was a bit insulted by it. I also did not take to the EA himself. Smarmy, greasy and way too much of an arse licker, apart from his lowball valuation itself. I figured if I did not like him, prospective buyers wouldn’t either, and would go into potential viewings with a bad impression already in place. In hindsight, I put way too much store in emotions, and not cold hard numbers, but there you have it. Hindsight is always 20/20 right?

I went with one of the other EA’s that were in my comfort zone, both personally and financially. The house then sat on the market for 5 months without a single offer. The buyer feedback was that it was way over priced. After 3 months I dropped the price by 30K. Still no offers. Two month later, we dropped it another 20K, and the offers began to come in. I eventually accepted an offer that was 10K lower than the WM evaluation, and 65K less than the valuations of the other 4 sets of Estate Agents. His valuation wound up being more on the money than any of the others were. My personal feelings for him aside, I should have gone with him. At the end of the day, he knew his stuff, and the market better than I & the other EA’s did.

It has bothered me A LOT over the past year wondering if I would have sold sooner, and for a higher price, if I went with WM in the first place. I wound up wasting 6 months, where a lot of of prospective buyers probably crossed my house off their list of possibles, as the asking price was too high. Who knows what may have happened if I was in their wheel house from Day One? However, seeing the bad feedback about the company here makes me feel a bit better. If I went with WM from the get go, I may have had the unpleasant experience of being hustled into accepting an offer that was even lower than the one that I eventually got ! :frowning:

They certainly are an aggressive company when it comes to marketing. I suppose there are pros and cons of that. Of the 4 estate agents that I chose not to go with, WM was the only one to keep in touch with me after wards. They kept tabs on activity on the house. As the months went on and the For Sale sign remained up, I would get a phone call every few weeks, reminding me of their interest in having me as a client, and to give them a call if I wanted to review who I had handling the sale. I suppose some people would see that as unethical poaching of another companies clients. I saw it as someone who wanted to get the job done, and I can’t fault them for that !

Apologies for taking this thread OT a bit but I felt the need to correct Robd in his incorrect assertion that there is no such thing as a “qualified agent”. There is and I have demonstrated that but you have chose not to comment on that and have instead decided to check the current points for these courses which is in my opinion a bit of a misnomer!

The CAO Points system is a bit like house prices as it is based on supply and demand! The points for a course are a reflection of the demand for places on same and not the quality of the course and the institutions which offer Property Courses at both level 7 and 8 are subject to the same guidelines / checks / criteria as a level 7/8 course which has a current CAO points rating of say 450 points. Interestingly if you look back to 04 and 06 the points for the 2 DIT Property courses were as follows;

            2004           2006

DIT DT104 420 Points 435 Points
DIT DT110 375 Points 420 Points

These courses were attracting the brightest & best in 04 and 06 as I would estimate that no more than 20% of LC Students obtain 400+ points. As a comparison you could do a Level 7 Civil Engineering course in Cork IT for 240 points in 2010, or a level 8 course in Structural Engineering in the same institution for 325 points! It is clear that Engineering as a profession is attracting the brightest & best students we have if the points race is the matrix upon which you base your opinion!

Wilson Moore are the worst of a bad bunch. Saw a house with them listed as four bedrooms. Bedroom #4 was the utility room.

Having the option to do a degree does not mean the job is a profession. A profession requires a degree - the IAVI has some exams but does not requie a degree. I honestly cannot fathom why anyone would do a degree in auctioneering.

A general Business/Economics degree + cop on + Salesman ship is a much better, rounded qualification IMHO

20% of LC students only get 400+ points? what real estate planet are you on?

The best and brightest going into real estate? are you out of your mind

Comparing the points of level 8 DIT courses which is very close to university status and in dublin, to a level 7 under resourced college in 2010 in a property related course is clutching at straws

Even your boom stats compare poorly with hard hit professions like law where most have a LLB from a university with a 500+ point requirment followed by 4 years training, other traditional professions like accounting where most have a B Comm with 450+ points followed by several years training, medicine with it’s large points requirement followed by years of training or my own profession of engineering where good university’s have a 450+ point requirement followed by several years of training & experience to get chartership.
Unlike other professions I would guess that very few IAVI members have a senate vote.