Winterwood, Daars, Sallins, Co. Kildare (-1300k, -52%)

Was 2.5m … 30310.html

Now 1.75m … re/1420189

8 months on the market and nothing doin’. Maybe a write up in the Indo will help … 59166.html

Still 1.75m, by the way.

Another modern “mansion” which looks like an oversized version of something from Bungalow Blitz.

Am I wrong, or is this just up the road - a lot smaller, on less land, but for more money!

Yes, you are wrong. It’s a good 10 miles away. Here is the planning application number for Winterwood, daars : 0483. I think it was a builder and he must have went bust, and now it’s on the market.


down 100k a month since december.

Seems like its sagging under the weight if it’s own hubris

That’s quite a house and the asking price must be way below the build cost. €188 a sq ft not including the outbuildings for a no-expense spared finish. Probably a hundred grand of marble in there alone.

Anyone care to speculate what the real build cost was?

Where’s Miss Ellie and little John Ross?
Dont tell me Ewing Oil has gone bust :smiley:

Better pictures … re/1420189

No change from €3 million

Now 1.2m

1.3m … You can’t put a price on taste!

well the grass looks nice…

I’d nearly offer 500k just to see if they would bite. Sell off a couple of fields and you’d be in the black in no time.

Follow in the footsteps of CJH.