Winton Grove, Enniskerry - am I missing something?

Tigger inspired ‘ranch’ in South Coun… Enniskerry. Comes with tons of space and not a single iota of class that I can detect (the staircase attracting my NB).

Sold recently (on the PPR) for 1,8 million.

Assuming that it hasn’t been built over vast shale oil deposits, what fraction of 50% of the sale price would YOU expect to knock it out for from scratch (including site, fees, en zo voort)?

Weird, was just about to post about this, thread already


I’d guess 150 per square ft minimum for house, 1.8 seems like a lotta cash fou out of town house

So classless. Give me Corrella any day if I’m spending €1.8m in Wicklow; … es/1882523

+1 Corrella is fab. Love the mock Tudor style. And those gardens…drool

The enniskerry gaff is souless

Puke inducing
Not worth 1/3 of price

That has gone right to the top of my list for dream homes. Wife won’t leave Dublin however…boo.

That first one, however, is a design bitsa (cannot use the word architecture) - more Dublin Wives than Dallas. Could you imagine Kevin McCloud appraising that…

there are some elements that are unnecessary but the site and views are amazing, the kitchen is great, the materials appear high quality.

the balcony should be removed, or else painted white, the stained glass eye in the kitchen is tasteless and a bit mad,

but the sun room is lovely and the high ceilings are also and the house is full of light.

i like the use of hardwood. i like the bathrooms. it would be easy to clean.

decking is pointless in ireland, as it rots.

but i don’t think its as bad as ye are saying.

that said, the site of the second house is amazing. we aren’t shown the kitchen. i imagine it is not well equipped and is small, as they often are in older houses.

the first house would be far easier to live in with children, and far easier to clean.

4m x 7m with a separate pantry and cool room…that would be enough for me.

i like to cook with people, so have dinner parties where i chat when the guests or my family are seated. i like to have my children with me while i cook. i cook a lot, so i want space for them. sofas etc.

so i like open plan, i don’t like many smaller rooms.

i don’t like a lot of carpeted floors, i prefer tiles or wood. i like a lot of light in a house, where you can see through the house to gardens, so it feels like the outside is brought inside.

i like “scandi style”, bright, white, light.

to me mock tudor is fussy and hard to live in. a lot of hoovering, dusting, many doors. a lot more money to maintain. that said i much prefer the grounds of the mock tudor and i respect it as an excellent example of its style, with lovely features for its style. i just wouldnt have the time for all that house work.

im just offering a different viewpoint, the big issue for me would be having to commute even for a carton of milk.

that would be the big decider for me.

we are talking about ideals here. for me the absolute decider right now is location and commute.

At the price, I’d take Winton Grove easy. Fantastic house, both in terms of design, quality of construction and finish. Love it. I’d also prefer Enniskerry over Greystones any day. The right side of the N11. Not full of SCD retirees who didn’t quite make the cut to New Dalkey. Faster to the city and closer to the mountains, which when we’re talking about the beaches and marine developments in the vicinity I’d take any day over the sea. For myself, I’d see a certain pretentiousness in Corrella actually. Whereas Winton is only drawing on the best of Irish design, craftsmanship and materials that are available on the market today, to build the best place possible without compromising anything. I like that. No problem with it myself for all the “celtic tiger” snide remarks that some people would no doubt make.

I am all for scandi. Bits are ok - but it is not a resolved design, particulary from the outside. There is no excuse for that in a new build.

Whatever about the price, I’d bloody love a house like Winton Grove. I don’t see the problems people have with it.
Yeah, it’s not exactly “Falling Water” but it look ready to move into and live in very comfortably.
(The tennis court should have been all-weather!)

Also agree Enniskerry is a better location.

Corrella looks fantastic - but correct me if I’m wrong - it requires serious wedge and effort to get this into a state where there won’t be the odd damp patch and sagging floor about.


I think Winton Grove is a fantastic house and whilst I’m a big fan of olde worlde burnaby charm, I don’t get the references to this being classless in comparison. Puhlease. Bright, airy, high spec - whilst the design isn’t to everyone’s taste the biggest problem I can see is that I can’t afford all those things :wink:

I am all for scandi. Bits are ok - but it is not a resolved design, particulary from the outside. There is no excuse for that in a new build. … height=415

ill give you that the outside of the house is a confused mish mash of old irish farmhouse, and holiday let.

if you really wanted to solve that, you could pretty cheaply by replacing the wrought iron balconies and painting the door so at least it all was the same colour

but the inside isnt vulgar. the quality of the materials is top notch and the colour scheme and uniformity of colours is very easy on the eye. and im fussy.

all styles date. mock tudor is dated.

its just different tastes.

Urk - polished concrete floor. Up there will gunmetal grey paneled extensions in my book as one of the future’s “look back in horror” trendy features.

Agree that it’s a matter of taste. While far from perfect, I’d still definitely take Winton over Corrella.

I think some people are being a bit harsh, i think there’s a lot else I’d buy for that level of cash and I agree it’s huge money to pay but it’s extremely high spec and very family friendly house

Re my earlier estimate of a minimum of 150 Psf I’d say given the finish it would be closer to 200 which would put the build cost in the region of 1m.

This would imply a site value of c. 800k which seems an awful lot. Site is worth c. 500k max in my opinion.

I’d guess whoever is buying it was a fairly besotted with it, good luck to them.

How interesting, another “how dare someone with more money than me buy I house I can’t afford” thread.

Yawn. Big yawn. It’s getting old, guys.

I don’t think anyone has said that. There has been no comment on value…and yes, I probably could stretch to both.

There was a question at the OP. Would anybody suppose that you couldn’t buy a site and build such a thing for under a mil?