Without a Paddle

Whatever the shape of Ivor Callelly’s property portfolio at present, it may be sometime before he goes messing about in boats again.

Today’s Mail on Sunday (yes, yes I know its a rag), records an incident involving his Serendipity 11 motor launch which was involved in an incident at Balimore on July 10th this year.
Mr Callelly and a female companion attempted to berth at Baltimore - but collided with two other craft - including George and Imelda Barry’s 54ft yacht Clare de Lune. They are not happy. He also wiped out a RIB.

He then apparently thought better of staying in Baltimore and then set out for Sherkin Island. There he and his young companion dined at the Islanders’ Rest Hotel befoe retiring to their boat.

The waterborne Garda from Baltimore were however on their way. Two members arrived and in the company of the Harbourmaster boarded the vessel and banged loudly a number of times. No response was forthcoming until one of the Guards gave the cabin door a might kick.

Ivor appeared with a* ‘little towel round his bum’* Told by the sergeant to : '*Go back down now and dress more appropriately … and I’ll talk to you then.

Ivor soon reappeared in a sort of kimono …and a pair of sandals on him’*

The upshot is that Ivor fessed up to the damage at Baltimore - but his insurance has not payed out - and writs are on the way.

Some days the rags make fascinating reading.

Shouldn’t he be done for leaving the scene of an accident?

I hope the Sargent has no particular career plans :angry:

Our little Princes don’t like being treated like ‘ordinary’ people.

This happened on July 10th and it only comes out now. somebody couldn’t keep stum,which is normally the case. It’s good though. I hope the Mail start to set a trend where the kid gloves treatment of these people stops. I suspect the real story here is more about the young female companion. I could be wrong.

Surely you don’t mean something like :

Oh Ivor ! Did the earth move or did we hit something ?


Ivor is married and has a daughter. The companion might have been one of them. Or a sister.

It’s not the first time Ivor has been in trouble. Didn’t he resign a few years ago when it was discovered that some construction company had painted his house for him free of charge?


Being discussed by Pat Kenny now.

23-24k damage to the ‘Claire de Lune’(sic?), 15k damage to the RIB.

Denied all knowledge of the incident until it was pointed out that there were witnesses!?

Do you spend quality time with your sisters/daughters while dressed in nothing but a towel?

He was in the Seanad (at least) on the morning of the 10th of July

Is Ivor Callelly the Ted Kennedy of Irish politics?

Without the brilliant legislative career of course.

Is this Irelands equivalent to the Baltic Dry Index…the Baltimore Dry Index.
wonder what her name was, it wasnt Bertha by any chance…
Berties buddy busts Barrys boat whist berthing Bertha in Baltimore in his birthday suit.
been a slow day… :slight_smile:

Dempsey opens new €1m refurbished West Pier at Baltimore and Skibbereen Harbour
Posted on 25/05/09 by Noel Dempsey

The Minister for Transport, Noel Dempsey, T.D. today (25/05/2009) opened the new €1m refurbished West Pier at Baltimore and Skibbereen Harbour.

Speaking at the opening today Minister Dempsey said: “The Government funded works undertaken on this €1m refurbished pier here in Baltimore Harbour are a credit to all involved. They have resulted in a new safer structure for boat users and ferry operators alike. These works will lead to reduced traffic congestion, increased access to the pier at all tides and safe access to and from vessels, which is very welcome news for all harbour users.


It appears that you can have a seat in the Seanad even if you are a liar who
leaves the scene of an accident, lies to gardai, and only admits to it when
confronted with 4 eye witnesses.

And yet most of us don’t even have the right to vote for who sits there.

The only seat this guy should be entitled to is on the lap of a cellmate in Mountjoy.
Don’t drop the towel Ivor.

For the record, lots of people now know the name of your boat.
Accidents happen, if you know what I mean.


It seems that some of the injured parties only contacted the Mail when Ivor decided to welch on what he had agreed to pay in damages.

Another clueless moron troughing away up in the Seanád. He had a chance to keep this quite, yet he even blew that.

Sure, he knows he’s not going to lose his ‘job’ and the apathetic public don’t really care.

A clueless moron who managed 15% of the vote in a Dublin constituency in the last election and a previous poll topper.

The engine has his followers.

Demand for Callely to explain if he left scene of accident

Read more: examiner.ie/ireland/demand-f … z0SCUhf2QK

God! I wonder what all these puddin’-heads see when they look in the mirror! Kimono and a little towel round his tush. JAZUS!