WIW: 1 Ailesbury Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

This went up ‘Sale Agreed’ on myhome.ie for a few days in November and was then taken off for some reason
The asking price on myhome.ie was 3m as I remember it
I have compared it to sales that happened within a month or so of it
(top end sales tend to close quickly as no mortgage and buyer wants it locked in particularly in this part of town).

In fairness, I haven’t had it properly confirmed that this deal actually happened as I can’t remember if an agent was cited on the ad (I have rung around but no joy?)

Can anybody else confirm / tell who the agent definatively was ?

Found that Gunnes sold this for just under 3m.
Another agent was involved as well.
Wanted more on the basis that 56 Ailesbury went for 2.4m in the summer but no joy.
1 Ailesbury is a full period house with garden vs 56 Ailesbury as a modern bungalow.
I always felt 56 went a little mad.
Can’t verify the nationality of the buyer.

As far as I know, Knight Frank rented this out for about €15,000 with seemingly no trouble at all.

Barrel of salt disappearing over my left shoulder :smiley:
(As evidenced by the recent, more modest rental asking of 31 Wellington Place, despite being a far superior property).
(mind you, KF have been able to extract big premiums in the high-end from overseas buyers, so perhaps it is true?).

There are a few houses rented on Ailesbury for €15,000+, It seems have a weird and inexplicable cachet. 31 Wellington Place is let agreed anyway AFAIK.