WiW - 1 Annesley Park, Ranelagh


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Any thoughts? Total refurb job but nice area, westerly facing garden, reasonable size (not huge, but presumably you’d have scope to extend).

Not sure whether anything in better condition has sold on this road recently enough to get a sense of what a done-up version would be worth. I’d assume a ballpark of 150k at least for renovation.

Definitely sub 500 to be looking at any sort of value I would have thought but I don;t know how much below 500


Annesley Park is a very popular road… I can see this selling reasonably quickly…


I may be a total refurb job but at €405 per square foot it’s far from a total refurb price. Rough cost of modernising to a high standard of finish at €1000 per square metre and extending by 40 sq m at €2000 per sq m gives a total refurb cost of €210,000 minimum.

Nonetheless I am hesitant to say it won’t fetch within 10-15% of its asking price, as Ranemania seems to be raging through the market these days. Personally, I think it represents very bad value, but these places generally make me shudder, acre after acre, street after narrow, congested street of dull, redbrick, one-room-wide terraced houses. Other people love them, and I could see a Ranemaniac dropping €500k for this given the potential for ending up with a slightly larger but well-finished one-room-wide terraced house for €700k. Each to their own.



You make the area sound like industrial revolution era Manchester with toilets out back and one tap punmping cold water for the entire street

I woulnd’t call the area around Annesley Park narrow and congested and the houses vary in size and lay out quite considerably street by street - you’re just round the corner from Palmerston Road with its trophy gaffs and Moyne, Ormond and Anna Villa all have various different styles of houses, pretty spaciously laid out by inner-suburb standards

p.s. take your point though about price - its very far from priced as a refurb job. Hence posting the WiW thread!


That’s it - you hit the nail on the head - I knew it reminded me of something: Coronation Street! :laughing:
But I take your point that not *all *of the streets in the area are the same. And (fortunately) not everyone shares my peculiar foibles and pet hates!


I went to see this house with very high expectations- I like the road and the photo’s looked quite good. All in all it was a bit of a disappointment. Is in need of lots of work, small garden, glass on wall to prevent burglars (hardly sends a nice message to the kids!), poor view from rear windows, somewhat ugly new windows put in place of nice old sash ones, funny layout (no doors between reception rooms and solid wall there; two bedrooms behind one door!)… I’d say if you had serious cash you could make this a nice starter home but doesn’t seem to me to represent value. That said I do love ranelagh and would be willing to make sacrifices for the post code- just maybe not that many.

Is the general consensus that it is a good time to buy now? I’m very new to the market and in no rush so could wait 1-2 yrs if it looks like prices will drop further.



Price is what you pay value is what you get. The market in general does not look like there is good value for money. If you can I’d watch and wait.


Sold for 575k in July 2012

Back on asking 895K 2019