WIW 1 Birchview, Kilnamanagh, Tallaght, D24

WIW 1 Birchview, Kilnamanagh, Tallaght, D24


3 beds, 2 bathrooms, corner house.

It’s hard to judge given that it is not the typical Kilnamanagh house, which are asking circa 195-220k. I would lowball it a bit. That’s said, anyone who is looking seiously looking in Kilnamanagh with a budget of over 200k would be looking at this house, I know I would be.

To give this some context, I sold a 3/4 bed semi (1,350 sq ft) in lucan in 2010 for 288k. If your wanting to purchase, I would say to get value here, u need to be around 220 - 230k, unless you particularly want the extra parking.

Thanks for the useful replies.

On a somewhat similar note.
What value you would you put on properties in Belgard / Kingswood, such as this one?


I wouldn’t be familiar with Kingswood, it appears houses there are asking more than Kilnamanagh? Is there some sort of one estate is posher than the other thing going on? 300k seems a bit bubbly to me (or 299,999!). While it may be nicer than some of the other normal ones on the market in Kilnamanagh, do you think it’s circa 100k nicer? I don’t.
That said, from your WIWs it appears you are looking for a slightly larger house than the ususal 3 bed semi-d, and given that there are only a few that size in Kilnamanagh it’ll be harder to compare like with like price wise.

Next thing I expected to read was “2 heavy pigs”

Belgard / Kingswood is a bit like the Beverly Hills of Tallaght :slight_smile:

Hah! I stand corrected. It’s like the “wrong side of Clanbrassil street” that’s going on in Portobello, except here it’s the wrong side of the Luas track! A quick look on Collapso.net suggests that prices in general in Kingswood are much much less than this. And number 46 has been up since April 2011 at 349k, fell to 299 over a year ago and is still there. Well overpriced so. But probably not good news for you OP as the owners are probably unlikely to accept a lowball offer: because their house is different :-GC .

46 The Close, Kingswood Heights just went Sale Agreed.
Asking price was €299k

I would really love to know what it went for.

Looking at the register now, Kilnamanagh is way down, nuch lower than I would have thought

Prices in Belgard/Kingswood appear to be varying quite a bit.
From €150k-€250k.
I should imagine that around €190k-€220k is about where they should be at.