WIW: 1 Cambridge Terrace, Ranelagh, Dublin 6

1 Cambridge Terrace, Ranelagh, Dublin 6 €2,800,000

2.8m for a tired old red-brick in Cambridge Terrace in Ranelagh ?
Have Felicity Fox found gold or oil in the back garden ?

It is much better than this house that sold 2 months ago (the garden is smaller but not by 1m worth?)
11/10/2013 €1,859,850.00 12 Burlington Road, Dublin 4, Dublin 4

If you are up for spending this amount of cash on old periods, add a little bit more and treat yourself to a trophy road :angry:

Felicity Fox find oil in every back garden they sell…

Thinking about this one again and how mad its asking price is ?

3 Darthmouth Road failed to sell at auction in the summer for 2.125m but went sale agreed for about 2m a few weeks ago

vs. 1 Cambridge Terrace, 3 Darthmouth Road is:

Bigger house
Same garden (Cambridge has a better aspect)
Semi-d period
Equal standard road (Dartmouth might be slightly better)
Similar state (generally tired with some touch ups)

The problem this market is having is that because the supply is tiny, there are not enough sales to feed all the EAs.
Some are trying to get houses on the market by promising big prices to the owner.
If they get lucky with a foreign buyer, that is great.
If not, then after 6 months with no bid, they can work on the owner to get them to accept less and get a sale done.

Yes they found oil in the back garden – the Luas Line runs almost directly over the back wall and there is oil leaking from the passing trains.

Price is ridiculous. I wonder has that firm lost the plot altogether.

Maybe the agent thought they were selling 1 Ailesbury Road (just sold for 3m)?

This requires a pretty major refurb (300k+) and will still sell for close to if not above the asking price.

Houses in this neighbour with good sized gardens, orientation and a garage are rare.

Hard sell by the Irish Times today


The renovation and upgrade of this house will be substantial
This is a 1990s format and layout
To convert this into equivalent of 23 Northbrook will cost 450k for internal plus another 250-300k for the extension (750k all in)

At over 3.6m you will have to sell half the garden for a meuse to recoup something
The muse would sit right underneath the train tracks so not sure value
You could sell the plot (if a muse can be built) for about 300k to bring your cost to 3.3m
At 3.3m you have a very similar set up to 23 Northbrook (or 5 Leeson) for +1m more in cost
Cambridge Terrace is certainly no better an address than these two (poorer than Leeson)
Oh, and you have to do 1-2 years in build and planning (it is fully listed)

PS interesting the times focused on 23 Northbrook and 1 Leeson (no back gardens) - forgot to mention 3 dartmouth or 5 Leeson that have gardens. Also forgot to mention 16 Leeson (bigger garden+bigger house+better road) that will need an even bigger renovation (closer to 1m) but is asking 1.6m - does an Irish Times property ‘journalist’ even need a qualification ?

Price drop -200k

:angry: :angry:


Some of the refurb costs quoted on this site are astronomical! 750K to refurb this house, that is an extraordinary amount of money, I don’t know how you could even spend that amount on a house this size even if everything was gold plated

We are currently doing up a similar size house in slightly worse condition and the numbers quoted to us don’t come anywhere near the figures that are regularly quoted on this site.

Sold for 2.1m

Good example of asking prices vs. ultimate selling prices in the +2m zone in Dublin - you need to be patient !

Dublin 6
Date of Sale: 29/01/2015
Price: €2,101,000.00

The value might depend on which muse will be sitting there, Clio, Euterpe or Thalia?

wikiart.org/en/eustache-le-s … and-thalia