WIW 1 Dublin Road, Ashbourne


Can anyone give a ballpark WiW figure for this? What would be a decent opening bid?

It’s a long way from Derrynane Gardens!

HA! It’s not for me. But I like admire your memory :mrgreen:

I prefer your Dublin WIW Sala!! Come’on don’t let the cheapER price tag lure you stick to the pale!!!

that wouldn’t be the nicest part of Ashbourne to be fair … absolute dreamer as well !

Why not? I saw it, the area seemed fine, bar the fact it’s on the main road. Why a dreamer?

I told ye, it’s not me!! I have no intention of moving outside a couple of mile radius of the Aviva stadium!

This one amuses me.

I grew up in Ashbourne (or near it, more precisely). In 1980s and 1990s.

When I was growing up, there was only one road in Ashbourne, and that was ‘Main Street’. There were and are several estates which act as appendages to the Main Street…The oldest are Castle Park and Milltown, then came Race Hill, and then Deer Park and Crestwood, and then a load of ones I don’t even know the name of…but they are all individidual housing estates.

EA blurb presents Ashbourne as having a ‘town centre’…actually the town centre is the Tesco car park. (This is actually not as bad as it sounds). There is still just one main street, and a new lesser street at the other side of the Tesco car park.

The notion of a house being called ‘1 Dublin Road, Ashbourne’ seems a bit silly to me. All the houses on the N2 (no one in Ashbourne ever called it the Dublin Road) were one off houses with no numbers.

Thats besides the point of the OP I suppose.

The map is a misleading…I cant make out where the house is, but the location on the map is about a mile outside ashbourne, and to be honest I dont think thats where this house is…

Ashbourne’s actually not a bad spot…its as good a place to live as any other sattelite town, an awful lot of people who grew up there have chosen to live there, which is more than I can say for my friends from Glasnevin/ Clontarf (who have generally moved soutshide).

Referring to some of the earlier posts, one of the good things about growing up in a place like Ashbourne/ Dunboyne etc is that you are not concious of your area versus other areas…As in “we live in Terenure, thats a nicer place than Templeogue” “We live in Rathgar, thats a nicer place than Harolds Cross” “we live in Southside Dublin, you lot are all scangers and culchies”…it doesnt have that inbuilt snobbery about it. All the estates were pretty much the same and everyone went to the same schools.

Whats an absolute dreamer?

Thanks for the reply. It is very close to the “town centre”. I don’t know how to post the exact link but it looks completely different on google maps- it was a refurb job. (On google maps it is where Bridge Street and Dublin Road meet)

Anyway, Ashbourne isn’t the issue, they have already decided on that area. We were just discussing what this house is worth and I thought I’d put it up here

I’m just after spotting that this is a photo of two houses, i though initially it was just one.

Personally, I’d have a major issue with living on such a busy road. (not as busy as it was, but still busy…) where your neighbours are Lidl, Tesco and an array of pubs.

Value wise, its very hard to judge because the ad doesnt mention floor area…I’m guessing its 1’000 sq ft…I’d put a value, in ashbourned of maybe €200 per sq ft max on that.

Yes it’s two houses (in fact no.2 has the map and streetview more accurate). It’s a nice house, nicer than any of the others she saw asking around the same price. Nicely done, not much work needed, lovely back garden… It’s not right beside the supermarkets etc so I think that would be ok. Main road is the only flaw really. It’s hard to value Ashbourne, given the number of new estates with properties for sale that are constantly falling in asking price.

I’m an ashbourne native myself but haven’t lived there for a while, and I apologize initially based on the front of the house and the google maps link I had it placed in a different part of the village (which wouldn’t be that nice)

The location, while not the worst spot wouldn’t be the best either, it’s on a very very busy road / junction.

I mentioned the ‘dreamer’ element earlier as I just think the asking is out of kilter.

I agree I think the asking price is totally ridiculous, it’s on a main road its nothing spectacular or large and there are others in the area offering similar but for less money and off a main road!