WIW 1 Grace O'Malley drive, howth

I have recently viewed a property for 1 grace O’Malley drive

asking 250,000

any idea what it could be worth?


I’ve been curious about the worth of these houses too. Former council houses so I’m guessing that there’s a ceiling price on them.

Haven’t visited this one but it looks as if it needs an extension and a bit of modernizing to bring it in line with places like:

Big lots and nice area but still not sure that I see much profit in them. I’d also be curious to know if more experienced developers have a view on Grace O’Malley Drive?

I looked at 99 Grace o’malley. Last I heard it had an offer of 257 on it. Howth is nice. Wouldnt pay over the odds for these though. I’d like to live in Howth but if you go that far out it has to be for sthg decent. They aren’t bad but the likes of this and 99 Grace O’Malley are about the best they’ll ever be. I’m gonna hold out for a bit. 2 months ago I was of the mind that 250 was fair value for these, now im not so sure. 220?

104 Grace O’Malley Road was asking 240k back in late 2011. I found out from a good source that it went sale agreed for €220k. It had a large south facing back garden with room to the side for a 2 storey extension for what are pretty small houses. It was end of terrace like this one

1 Grace O’Malley drive has a smaller north facing garden and I don’t think extending would be as easy so therefore I would see it being a good bit less than 104 went for. €200k or less

yes bilbot79, you are right about the 99 grace o malley road. It went sold for 257.

just would like to know, what is the difference between malley drive and malley road, are they all same type of houses are any major differences?
They look same from outside

Ah Id say theres no difference really. If it were me Id be happier with the one in the Drive cos Id be bidding 230 or less since it was advertised at 250 in the first place

I viewed number 1 and number 99. Only problem with 99 is the backgarden, you have 4 houses looking into your kitchen and the back garden is tiny. Nice views from the back bedrooms though. I heard there was an offer of 215 made.

You’ve the house numbers the wrong way round right?

Sorry yeah, numbers wrong way round. 1 has the small garden!!

Is it worth 215000

Funny question, Do i think such a house could be got for less than 215k sometime during this crisis…yes. Do I think it is a monumental error paying 215 for this house if it is truly what you want? No not at all. Once the price is within the realms of sensible affordability you can’t really make a mistake as such, you can just be more, or less…lucky, with the price.

Hi Bilbot79,

was askin if it’s worth 215 compared to 257,000 on 99 grace o’malley, based on the size and type of building. As i haven’t seen 99 grace o’malley,. could’nt make out the difference.

you have seen both the properties and seems to have a good knowledge in howth property prices. was asking, if its a fair price(215) for a property which needs fair amount of refurbishment.

thank you, any ways, for your views.

sherryfitz.ie/resi/buy/3-bed … &ST=1&pc=1

Number 59 Grace O’Malley …

Grace o malley road area is a really settled area. Young professionals have bought here and an awful lot of old howth people. Fantastic potential with the houses on the road big back gardens. Houses built early 50’s so built well. House for sale at the moment number 59, looks fantastic , you would of paid double in the boom and haven’t seen one of this standard for this price. Good location to. Would much prefere the road than the drive as houses are a lot older and have more potential.

price changed from 250 to 235

Id say its not far off fair value now. Not giving me a selection headache though

…to 215

calling pranal…

these folks might be reading the pin. if so, u have me at 175 :slight_smile:

Price currently at 215, they claim to have an offer of 190. Upstairs is very small and oddly shaped, needs at least a two storey extension and some serious replumbing. 190 sounds optimistic to me unless you are in it for the very long term.

I agree with bilbot, I’d consider it at around 170+ but just too much work for my taste over that.

I’d say they are on the verge of accepting that offer of 190 and thats why they are dropping the price so close to it so quickly, to try and nick a few more quid or start a bidding war.