WIW - 1 Orchard Lane, Herbert Park, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Detached, 1990s 5-bed house set back behind Herbert Park on 0.38 acres.

€3,250,000 for 362 m² (3897 ft²) - €8,977/m² (€834/ft²)

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -4/3598849


No doubt a fine home in a great location, but perhaps too ‘country kitsch’ (Read: too many pine beams) for the discerning D4 buyer…

Irish Times - Tudor hideaway in D4 for €3.25m

I’m pretty sure that this is not 0.38 acres in total size (checking the OS online) - the garden in the photos is the smaller south garden from Google Earth (they don’t own the bigger lands / garden to the north side - don’t know who owns this). This is why they don’t show a proper O/S site plan or boundary, despite the site’s complexity, and shared access issues (if they did, there would be no viewings with an asking above the 3m mark).

You basically own a house where the front driveway right up to your front of house, has shared access rights with other neighbors (that could be where Knight Frank have found the extra acreage - i.e. counting in the long alley-way etc.). Big issue for a +3m house (and why they “fenced-off” their small south garden to give some privacy.). I’m sure they would love to put some kind of front gate on the entrance alleyway for security but probably symptomatic of the neighbors fully protecting their access rights and not allowing any form of degradation of this.

They have already taken down the floor plans already from the KF site. They would show that the structure of this house is also a problem. They went for the classic Hamptons - a large double height barn turned into a house. In the classic Hamptons structure, the double height barn is the “core” living room of the house (gives it it’s heart), with bedrooms / kitchen, off the core (i.e. the “somthing’s gotta give” house structure). However the architect here got it wrong and ended up with a core of a massive double height empty hall splitting two smaller houses apart (i.e. perfect for divorcing couples). In addition, he walled-off this massive hall at either end, to kill any chance of an “open plan” feel part-rescuing the situation. Then to compound this, they slapped on some tudor beaming on the front and interior roofs, making the two houses at either end of the massive empty hall, seem even smaller (reduced the floor to ceiling height). In desperation, the owners appear to have built a massive conservatory at the south end (this will be an ice box in winter) to get a proper “living space” in the smaller south house. In short, this will need substantive internal renovation to make this a +3m house.

However, KF was pulled off some extraordinary pricing in the high-end in 2014 - mostly nailing ex-pats / corporate-type buyers - so perhaps the “Kenny Premium” can be achieved again here?

The only person who is going to really buy this (at this price) i.e ex-pat / foreigner, won’t really know what a BER means so they don’t care. However, it is almost impossible for a 1990s build such as this to get a B rating of any type.

The PIN is useful in so many ways …

now a more sensible 2m

myhome.ie/residential/broch … -4/3598849

€513 per sq/ft.
That’s far more realistic.
Will sell at this level.

Is it true the neighbouring Ardoyne house is up for redevelopment?