WIW 10 Bayview, Irishtown

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Viewed this last weekend, mainly out of curiosity and thought it was interesting. The property, predictably enough given the price, is in a jock and I don’t think we’d have the stomach for the “project” but for +/- 400k someone is going to have a nice place in D4. I am not sure what “the area is like” (obviously you don’t fool yourself that Irishtown D4 = Sandymount D4) but I checked with someone living in the general area and the street is not flood prone.

I spent a short while living just up the road from there (directly across the river from the greyhound track), and it’s an okay area. I think that part of town is nicely summed up by its pubs - some classy Celtic Tiger era places, some very rough and ready kinds of places, a couple kind of in-between places.

Probably quite similar to Smithfield as well - it’s been part-gentrified, but there are still plenty of crowds of inner city kids hanging around street corners at what you’d imagine should be way past their bed times…

Very awkward layout as it stands, but assuming no major structural issues that seems a pretty decent price for 1,100ft2 that close to the city centre.

I’d say it’s slightly better than Smithfield, where I just lived for 3 years. The Oarsman is a decent “in-between” boozer. BD

The layout issues would annoy you alright - only bathroom downstairs behind [small] kitchen, so no upstairs bathroom, and you need to walk through one bedroom to get into another.

…and your neighbour’s garage? kitchen? toilet? some room or other has a window IN your back garden. :open_mouth:
Viewed at the weekend, lovely project for someone with a lot of patience and cash, but the hole in the front bedroom floor, large leak still leaking down into the kitchen, odd layout etc was too much for me.

Hadn’t really processed that skimming through the pictures! That is rather bizarre alright. Interesting planning ruling by someone there…

Nor I until I was in the yard wondering where the hell that window went! The internal leak seemed pretty bad, coming down the corner of the inner wall in the kitchen, the four saucepans underneath weren’t quite up to the task either…

The kitchen in general was a bit of a head-scratcher, a pregnant woman for example would never fit through the narrow gap into the “bathroom” :open_mouth:

The hole in the living room was also slightly concerning, but even at that, assuming it doesn’t go for anything mad over the asking, it’ll be a worthwhile job for someone. It could be someone’s idea of a flip job that will turn out to be the flip job we all should have known signified the peak :-GC

Putting a new bathroom above the kitchen accessed from the return would seem to be the sensible option provided planning isn’t an issue. Incorporate the existing bathroom into the kitchen. Seems a bit overpriced to me.