WIW - 10 Breagagh Court, Kennyswell Road, Kilkenny

I’m interested on what people think this place is worth?


I think the house itself looks quite nice but I would be concerned about two downsides with the area which are

  1. Car parking: If you look up the address on googlemaps you’ll see a wall which means its difficult to get in to the space in front of the house to park a car.

googlemaps - maps.google.com/
put in address: 10 Breagagh Court, Kennyswell Road, Kilkenny
Click street view

  1. The area is known to be quite busy with HGV traffic and this house is on the front of the road so facing that.

There are no houses in this estate on property price register. Two houses that sold in this street are quite different to this area.

No comment on price as don’t know KK market. Worth noting it’s really a 3 bed with an attic conversion rather than a 4 bed house. The sq footage downstairs reflects this. Also I don’t like pebble dash (and as for the sky dish - please god put it on the roof if you buy!).

I’d have thought something like this nearby would easily be worth the extra €50k


Hi what is it about the ground floor size that makes you think its a 3 bed converted into a 4 bed? Might be something obvious but I’m a bit ignorant.

I viewed it today with an estate agent and when asked they said it was alwyas built as a 4 bed house.

Agree regarding sky dish!


I think he means that the fourth bedroom, being in the attic, would possibly not be counted as an actual bedroom. Depends on how it was built, whether the ceiling heights are sufficient, whether the proper fire regulations are adhered to, etc. If these aren’t adhered to, then this is a 3-bed with an attic room.

Also, even if it does comply with building regs as a 4th bedroom, if it doesn’t have as much room downstairs as a “normal” 4 bed semi detached house, which is laid out over 2 floors rather than 3, a family would not get the same amount of living space. eg. I used to live in a 3 bed that was 104 sq metres. We found it fairly tight for a family of 4. This one only has 106sq metres. So when you take the space used up by the extra bedroom, the downstairs space must be even smaller than the house I used to live in. If you go for a second viewing, look closely at the size of the sitting room (especially the width, will you be comfortably be able to fit a couch and 2 chairs?) Is the kitchen wide enough for a table and chairs without having to squeeze it up against the wall? What is the storage space like? etc.
I hope someone who knows the Kilkenny market will give you advice on what it’s worth!