WIW - 10 Gilford Road, D4.

myhome.ie/residential/broch … -4/4213674

Asking price seems very high.

I am thinking however that the convenience of the Sandymount address will bring the value over the 7 digit level.

Crazy. Very crazy.

Be careful about flooding in that area. There hasn’t been any since the wall on the strand road was altered but I don’t think we’ve had the conditions to test it. I had friends who lived there and were flooded - they sold a few years after (for a good price) but it was one of the factors in their move. The house had flooded many years before but they viewed that an exceptional event, and in fairness it probably is - I think we’re talking about 2 flooding events in 40 years at this stage. Probably best approach is to try and find out what flood insurance costs for that house - insurance companies are better risk assessors than pinsters. :slight_smile: