WIW - 10 Lennox Street, Portobello

Just wondered if anyone had seen this property. I’m curious to know the extent of the renovations and realistically what is left to do. It’s a lovely street. Any thoughts on the price?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -8/2336140

Garden is south facing.

Generous square meterage.

Close to town - it’s always going to rent.

Looks like it could swallow 50k of an upgrade.

Is it listed?

Not sure about the listing … just curious about how much an upgrade might cost - I haven’t seen anything yet that could be finished off at 50K or under…

Are you sure garden is south facing? I think it’s north facing. And I don’t think you’d get much done with 50k in a house like this!
No. 19 has recently gone sale agreed - it was a smaller house, but did have a south facing garden (if I’m not mistaken) and had off street parking for 2 cars. Interior was in a similar state - refurb had started. There was strong interest in it - not sure what it went sale agreed for - but this would be a good benchmark to estimate the price of No. 10.
It is a lovely street - I really like this part of town.

If you walk to the end of the garden then turn around and look back at the house (i.e towards the canal) then you’ll be “south facing” :laughing:

Listed buildings are exempt from the requirement to produce a BER cert - so this one isn’t listed.

The house is listed, along with most of Lennox St. Here is the full list for Dublin

The garden is indeed north facing.

Nice cafe and good bakery on the street…that’s rare enough in itself.

The BER is likely to be seen as a selling point. Surprised it achieved a D tbh.

Mmmm Breztel bagels…

Just thinking: with a new Educate Together due for D8, pressure on Griffith Barracks will probably drop i.e. good area for kids’ primary education?

Hmmm. Yes. Although the new ET is going waaaaaaay over the other side, not in Portobello at all, next to the Guinness Storehouse, so might be a bit of a trek.

I know a couple of families who’ll find the new one more convenient - they currently have kids in the Barracks…

where exactly will it be? couldn’t find exact location on ET website

Basin Lane.

Thanks Mantissa!

No prob. I vaguely remember pre-enrolling my son a couple of years ago, but it’s just too far from where we’ve ended up living. FYI the campaign for this school is being led by Ivana Bacik.

Griffith Barracks is also on the D/Education list for a new school building in 2014/2015 with the proviso that it be a 16 rather than 8 teacher school, so it should be taking in two streams per class from 2016/2017 onwards which will ease pressure on numbers considerably.

If you are thinking schools, this house would be a 10 minute walk from Ranelagh multi-denominational school as against about 30 mins from Basin Lane. Is Basin Lane definitely the location of the new school though? Given that its supposedly the Portobello MDS, Basin Lane is quite some way outside Portobello in the Liberties.

attractive street, big house, great area, 5 mins walk to the green. This similar style house around the corner went sale agreed in January for €440k I believe.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -8/1967781