WIW 10 Vintage Court, Cork Street D8


Where do pinsters see the bidding ending on this one :question:

Doesn’t look like bad value - not the nest area in the world but competitively priced.

737 sq ft, 4 bedrooms?? That’s about the size of a small/average 2 bed apartment. The bedrooms must be shoe boxes!

This complex is a bit shabby in my opinion. Viewed another flat in the same complex years ago. At the time, there was no management company so parking was a free for all, and I think there were problems with the drains from what one of the residents told me, I think there was an issue about who was paying for the unblocking. Makes you think, is there a sinking fund and so on, very much doubt it. I don’t know, I didn’t get a great feel about the place. Very rented and shabby looking but a good location re renting out to Coombe workers?