WIW 10 Windsor Terrace, Portobello, Dublin 8

Looks like another “expensive” house in Portobello…

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -8/2008505

Surely vendors will find it difficult to find somebody willing to pay €450 per sq ft for this? Or am I being naive?

Wildly over priced.Just click on the stuff around it on the myhome.ie map. I looked at this in the early 90s, (around 60K then?) has been nicely renovated, but the butchery on the front facade was not resolved. House faces directly to a very unlovely 1950s corpo block of flats across the grand canal , and the garden is north facing. IMHO around 400k,but its in Dublin, so who knows?

Interesting that this was 60k renovated in the early 90’s. Given that the average house price in Ireland was around then was 50k, this only had a 20% premium on the national average house price then, today the average national house price is a 170k euros, if this was still to have a 20% premium on the average then it should be worth about 204k euros today.

It’s very interesting to see what type of houses, and locations have gained in relative value over time, not to surprised to hear that a period house in portobello has out performed the average in the last 20 years but by that this amount is crazy (asking 650k today) even if you took your lower valuation of 400k it’s still a huge gain in value relative to the average national house price in that period.

Nuts. It doesn’t even look to me to be in particularly good condition. 350k.

Are these people living in the real world? 650K for a 3 bed mid terrace. FFS!

Sorry for my imprecise English. it was IR60 unrefurbished back then,a complete student dump, but appears to be fixed up nicely since.Prices in the area rose much faster than elsewhere as the area gentrified. I did buy in the area, and got 20x what I bought for, but that would exclude refurb costs, so maye 10, at the peak. This place is 400-500k range.

I see this is still on the market. Has anyone been to see it?

I’ve been to view this. Asking 595k now - still wildly overpriced IMO. Needs a good bit of work - new windows, doors, kitchen, bathroom, etc. Poorly insulated. Prospective buyer may looks to extend at rear - the third bedroom on the first floor return is tiny (so not even really a 3 bed). The garden to the rear is nice and big, so plenty of scope for extension.
The site next door (no. 13) sold for 220k earlier this year, albeit with issues surrounding the title deeds. Assuming a 250k build cost (for v high quality finish), plus associated legal fees to get title deeds issue resolved, you’d probably have the finished product for circa 500k - built exactly as you wish. Given that no. 10 requires a lot of work - I’d be hesitant to even pay 450k for it. It’s been on the market for roughly 3 months, and still no bids I believe. Given the huge demand for this type of house in this location we’re experiencing lately, surely the vendor must realize it’s overpriced.

Now asking €460k. They will probably get some interest at this level (but not from me!)
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -8/2008505

No. 16, which was divided into flats, sold for €365k. I would have thought No. 10 would require a similar spend in terms of refurbishment
myhome.ie/priceregister/16-w … in-8-32125

Hi - I realise the long garden might be a major selling point with this property, but what does anyone think of its orientation? Looks very north - what would that be like to live with? Would the length make a difference? Anyone got a nth-facing garden?

went to view this - i know there’s been some movement in the price, but quickest glance and in my opinion there’s real problems tyhat would need immediate attention (starting with re-roofing), the 3rd bedroom isnt a room at all, its tiny, and whoever is sleeping in it has nailed insulation onto the ceiling internally - it looks like its been wallpapered with tin foil - so presumably the whole extension, which houses the kitchen and the batroom and tiny 3rd bedroom - would need to be taken down and rebulit. I’ve no idea what the costs of builidng would be, but even conservatively guessing at 100k, that makes is a 460 + 100 + 4.6 stamp + solicitor = 570k outlay for a very old building with who knows wha other issues. Let’s see where the next price cut takes this down to.