WIW 102 Landscape road Churchtown

4 bed detached house in need of modernising. Looks like an ok garden.
How busy is that road though? Seems to be a few businesses on it.
Asking price of €387,500 if it sold at even 10% under asking it seems like good value.
Any ideas what it’s worth?

Seems reasonable for a detached compared to what houses shift for around the corner on woodside.
Lots of space around it to extend.
I’d say will get asking or even a bit more.

Hillside, Riverside and Woodside (especially) are in a world of their own, they’re not really comparable to this road which is quite busy and you have the bother of people probably parking all over the road due to the various retail units/pub/offices across from you. That said, it isn’t a bad house by any means and even though it’s no Woodside, the area is still quite desirable. I’d reckon it could get asking or near due to its potential and location. It’s not very big, though, so extension could be necessary depending on who buys it and obviously the whole house needs redecorating but the work is probably mainly cosmetic unless wiring, plumbing, etc. needs changing.

Garden orientation is more or less east and road busy but I think it’s priced well. Would be surprised if this does not go in excess of asking

Know this house well, grew up around woodside and i wouldnt advise it unless you have 200k in your pocket for a full refurb and extension! The house needs the works, wiring, plumbing, windows, no insulation etc etc…kitchen is a shoe box. Road is busy and awful situation on the corner with a noisy crew coming out of the glenside pub at the weekends…looks great at first glance but the inside is non-existant…would need to sell below asking; as so much work is required to make this property liveable…

Looked at this today. Disgusting place. Badly proportioned, poorly maintained rooms and the whole place was utterly filthy. Incredible amount of people were there to view and the EA had run out of brochures by the time of our arrival at 1pm (viewing continued til 1.30pm). No attempt had been made to make the house look even superficially appealing. I was not the only one expressing my views on the state of the house; most others viewing seemed to be equally appalled.

The back garden, by contrast, was nicely maintained and pleasant.

Don’t buy it :slight_smile:

However in all probability the eventual purchaser will end up buying for a cheaper price than if the vendor presented it in the best possible light.

As stupid as it sounds people will pay extra for a nicely presented dump.

Also went to see this today, and it put me in bad humour that I had bothered to view. I most likely was one of the people shaking my head in disgust while leaving that you noticed; I felt insulted that Savills would put this on view.

Fond of Landscape, but we will steer clear of Landscape Road I think, busy from what I can see.

Buyer of this house, be prepared for a lot of work and at the moment this is very overpriced.

Oh but the EA did say that “there was so much interest, couldnt believe the turnout”; who knows, we might all end up going into a frenzy and pay the ridiculously high price :unamused:

Absolutely no intention of buying it, thanks, Landlord!

It was more than just the minging appearance of the place that put me off. Sometimes with a dump, you can see its potential. I just couldn’t see how this place could ever be transformed from a kip to somewhere habitable.

Went to view this place today out of curiosity. And I have to say that I agree with the others to say that this place was a complete and utter dump. I was amazed at the amount of people outside when we arrived and thought that the place might have potential. But sadly not. Firstly it is advertised as a four bed. I would dare anyone to try and get even a toddler bed into the forth room. The kitchen is a shoe box and when I opened the “panty” door the walls inside were unplastered and there were dusty black cobwebs hanging onto items of food and delph stored in there. The downstairs bathroom is a very small room and could be used for nothing else except a bathroom.
The backgarden was the only hope for this property and even that was a let down. Wrong orientation, not maintained and I would have to question the estate agents measurements of 106ft!
The estate agent herself was also very poor. I headd one person asking for the measurement of the garage and she didn’t know it. One other was asking about the wiring to which she said she thought it was pretty recent but anyone could see it wasn’t. One small child going around with her parents could be heard saying “mammy this house is yucky” . . . . . . out of the mouths of babes!
Tried to see potential in this house but it failed miserably and as for the for the amount of people there, quite a few of them were nosy neighbours. Two couples actually asked us how much it was going for! 8DD

I also had the time wasting pleasure of viewing this abode today. Oh far from the smell of freshly baked bread and ground coffee met us as we entered. Rather , CSI overalls would befit our entrance.

I agree with the previous posters regarding this…dwelling and echo their view points. It’s not a 4 bed in the commonly acceptable view. The bare walled , cluttered small garage looked more appealing to live in.

The lack of presentation reflects very badly on Savills IMO.

I hear from the EA that this place has offers in excess of asking. Truly depressing.

And you believe that old line from the EA ? As far as l’m concerned it could be priced @ 250k and l wouldn’t be interested. If there are people out there bidding higher well more power to them as the more of the soft money is soaked up , the better the value for those who are more discerning.

I’m not bidding and I’m not interested in buying this dump. Someone I know wanted to view it and was advised that it was being shown this morning but that as they had offers in excess of asking, they expected to go sale agreed soon and it wouldn’t be shown again after this morning. They didn’t go and see it when they heard this. I do believe there are offers in excess of asking because I don’t see why the EA would need to lie to someone who has merely expressed an interest in viewing the house.

We’ll see how long it is before it is sale agreed.

As many have said most stuff in this area is going sale agreed fairly quickly if it is put on the market at a reasonable price.

The bidding is in excess of 425k at the moment.

I am not bidding nor have I seen the inside of this house, however I know someone who is interested in this property.

As has been said here a house is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it and there appear to be a number of people interested in paying over the quoted asking price for this one - I presume they all realise they amount of money required to do a decent refurb on it too.

I am one of the people who have said this, several times.

I would have made an exception for this so-called house. Some people clearly have more money than sense.

Sure is Tag. I have been to see this too. Its not well maintained but i’m not surprised by the current bid of 425k given the amount of activity we are seeing at present.

Anyone know if this is sale agreed or what the current offer is?


I believe it is sale agreed.

Thanks tag, do you know roughly what it went sale agreed at?