WIW 106 East Courtyard, Tullyvale, Cabinteely, Dublin 18

Large Penthouse apartment in no man’s land of Tullyvale. It’s POA so I’m guessing there is someone hoping for sufficient interest to generate a premium price - is that a wrong assumption?

Also are there any NAMA type land issues with the grounds, have heard of another sale on Northside apt complex which fell through recently on back of the solicitor investigating the hold of the land.

Penthouses seem to generate a hefty premium, even if only for the introduction of moniker and a decent terrace.
For example in similar area (the oval) no 82 was 299 and a ground floor 3 metres smaller was/is 189, are these premium realistic / attainable?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -18/140320

Ain’t in Cabinteely. It’s in Cherrywood or Loughlinstown - take your pick!

Yes, your typical penthouse has better views and larger outdoor space.

Plus you get to look door on your neighbours :wink:

Penthouse or no, I always look down on my neighbours :slight_smile:

near luas, M50, cherrywood town centre about to be developed, strong rental market but renters won’t pay premium necessary to justify purchase price of penthouse

3 bed non penthouse apartments about 1000 sq feet are on sale in Tullyvale for 200k

in Brennanstown development there are 3 bed own door duplex on for about 300k

Lived here for a while, had my motorcycle stolen twice. First time it happened, I thought, “aww, these things happen.”
So I then stored the bike downstairs, with two locks, one alarmed, and with the bike itself alarmed and immobilised. Behind a gate which only opened using the little electronic fob.
The gate failed for some reason, potentially sabotaged, the bike was removed by moronic thieves, presumably with a van. I say moronic because they removed all of the bike’s electronics entirely, in a futile attempt to disable the immobiliser, and could not so much as get the lock off the back tyre. The bike was recovered thanks to a guy on bikers.ie spotting it a week or so after it had been stolen.
So, I realised that these things do happen, but they happen more in exposed and isolated locations, with M50 access for scrotes.
Also, had an amusing incident where some gentlemen and a couple of ladies decided to have a party outside the window on a Wednesday night. I stuck it for an hour, and then had to do something. I couldn’t shout from the window, because breaking it in retaliation was obvious even to me, so I went down in person and suggested that they move the party to a more isolated location. Very, very touchy situation for a couple of minutes. There were other incidents like this. There were some lovely people living there too, I’m sure, but I very rarely had contact with them.
Final straw was some of our neighbours (who seem to have lived in the penthouse, incidentally) deciding that the walk to the bin from the balcony was just too taking, so they threw a full bucket of chicken bones from their balcony to the ground below, where some of them landed, and then rolled onto my balcony.
Worst place I have ever lived, noisewise, peoplewise, and safetywise.

This was a couple of years ago, and I left just before the Luas came in, so the area may have changed, but I doubt it.

Why is everything in Ireland referred to as “Penthouse” simply for being on the top floor? If ever a word has been abused…

Thanks for replies guys - I wonder if the estate has improved since you were there gwavin? Neighbours make a place livable long term and all that.

Anyone care to ballpark this uh top floor apt?

My wife used to live there. Problems with parking due to luas, not sure if this has improved. Honestly the place is soulless. Nowhere ville.