WIW 107 Larkfield Gardens, Harolds Cross

Hi folks,

Anyone have any opinions on what this might be worth (link below). Looking at the property price register houses around this area sold in 2012 from 180k to 251k. I would have thouht, looking at the links that I could find to those tha sold, that this would be closer to the 180k standard than the 251k standard.

I quite like the look of this general area - seems pretty quiet on a Friday night rive around. I’ve heard that there is a good school nearby but this was from someone who doesn’t live in the area.

Any thoughts appreciated…


myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/1966795

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I know the area fairly well. It’s a good area but houses too small for me long term. Lived near there for years and have never heard of or encountered trouble.
Plenty of schools around including the gaelscoil Mologa on Clareville Rd (with a preschool there too). Also has a regular national school attached to it.
And you have St.Clares on Harolds Cross rd, also a good school apparently.
Your close to Terenure, Harolds Cross,Rathmines…Superquinn less than 5 min walk away.

I’d bid on houses there years ago but always lost out. Some were done up fantastically…this one needs a lot of work. But yes, I’d agree that this should be closer to the 180k mark…would’nt go over 200k at most on it

agree with Freefallin, about the 180k mark. Needs a fair bit of work.

Area is grand. I have a good friend living in Larkfield Park and she is very happy there. The only complaints I hear from her is that the house only has 2 beds and the price she paid for it!

Thanks folks.

I’ve driven around there a couple of times and liked the feel of the place. No gangs of youths or anything like that going on.

I’d have loved the house that actually sold for 180k during the year. Small but I reckon that we can compromise on that once the area is good, we’ve outside space and the schools are good. Our budget is pretty small as we’ve both got apartments bought before we got together -one at the absolutle peak of the boom - so we’re looking to pay cash from the sale of a house I inherited.

So far, this has been my favourite area in our price range.

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It’s a very mature area, seems to be mostly old folk. Now that you mention it my friend said they did have “youth” knacker drinking in the field behind her but she says they seemed alight, they didn’t cause any hassle. You’ll get that is every area.

there’s always a few houses up for sale in the larkfield area at any one time, so don’t feel under any pressure to buy. God knows, they could be well under 200k this time next year when the Interest Relief rally tails off

Thanks folks. An area I definitely like.

It suits us re work and schools (though if I had my way we’d be somewhere like Greystones which I love for the beach factor).

Trying to find a place that’s suitable to bring up kids when on such a limited budgt is always a worry. But having two places that we have to finance in the event of losing a tenant (we’re definitely the reluctant landlord generation - and I know a lot of people in the same boat) means having to try to make what we have to spend go as far as possible with the important things like schools, garden (all my 3 year old really wants in a new house) and location (at least with size I reckon that we can sort that in years to come).

Thanks for all the good advice folks


It is a lovely area, IMO, but €180 is definitely nearer the mark: it looks like there’s some fairly expensive work needed - apart from the gutting and re-fitting required, that looks like damp and mould in the kitchen extension, which could be anything from poor ventilation to a shoddy extension needing complete replacement. Even if not, friends of ours used to live in one of those houses, and said that it was brutally cold before they added insulation; bear in mind that adding insulation will take valuable space out of an already small house.

Reports on the schools on Clareville Road are a bit mixed - but I’ve no kids so I don’t pay a huge amount of attention. I know our neighbours (I also live nearby) didn’t send their children there, but to Presentation and Terenure college. In any case, Larkfield’s in reach of Rathmines and Terenure for options - about twenty minutes walk.

… good luck with you search!