WIW 11 Auburn Street, Broadstone, Dublin 7

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -7/2345455
Looks like a very sweet little street…but not so sure about the area…would they maybe get 130 for it?

The garden seems to have a big tree blocking out a lot of the light… at least in the evenings.

Not the worst though and I’d say they should get around asking depending on the condition of the house.
I’d be happy enough to have paid 110/120k for it.

I dislike this trend of putting AMV up on ads now as well…advised minimum value!!! er you will get what offers you get like!
Having said that I probably agree with you I would expect it to get over 130 anyway…depending on condition not being too bad…

AMV isnt a reserve price in this case? (it looks like it is being sold at auction)

It’s not a bad area generally, the missus is fond of going to the Basin with our young lad and I join them on occasion. It’s quiet around there. However, the exact location of this house isn’t the best. It’s on a slightly ratty cul-de-sac with a mish-mosh of houses with barred windows. A little further back up the street would be my preference if buying in the area. Keep an eye out for Primrose St or Ave. Of course, properties there will probably cost more.

I agree with Bugler about the general area. I think its nice, very close to town, and alot of attractive villas and cottages around. The Basin is a really nice small park to have close too. Also agree that this would not be my no. one street in the area. I think Goldsmith and Geraldine street with similar type houses to this are slightly nicer streets, more uniform and the house are set back more from the road. I know a similar villa on Geraldine sold last year for €140k ,51 Goldsmith sold for €125k, both needed extensive work. 51 Goldsmith however was a lot larger than this. The link is attached below

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -7/1450003

The auction was a couple days ago. Anyone hear anything about this?

Does anyone know what 11 Auburn Street sold for at auction?

Sold for €190,000.

There’s one born every minute.

Seriously 190?!?! Madness!