WIW 112 Rafters Road ,Drimnagh , Dublin 12


This house is at an intresting price …assuming you can get it lower

What are the disadvantages ?

i assume the local schools can be fairly rough

This house came up before IIRC, been on sale since before I bought mine last year. I think there was reports of unsavoury folk living close by hence the lack of takers.

Nice garden and reasonable condition.

I know there was some issues raised about drimnagh but i am wondering are there any specific issues about that house and that part of rafters road.

Nice garden.

Here’s the post i was thinking of, wasn’t specifically about this property as it turns out but discusses this road (I think i was considering this house too at the time and was put right off by the comments about the area being the softie that i am). This house on the face of should be good value but… viewtopic.php?f=10&t=39571