WIW 114 Rathlin House (IFSC) - 3 bed apartment

Opinions please on what this is worth.

114 Rathlin House
3-bed penthouse apartment
1,281 Sq. Feet with secure parking

Asking €310,000.00


113 for sale for 320k myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -1/1857233.

Does that make 114 value?

est 1600 pm rent
8% yield gives 240k

3 beds are usually not as good yield as 1 or 2 beds
look at 1 and 2 beds with 8% + yields

It may be 1,280 sq. foot but that kitchen is mickey mouse for long term living.

WIW no more than 200k, I couldn’t justify more than 150k to be honest.

A three bed in the IFSC is definately not for long term living

Offer of 270k has been made apparently.

1750 per month. FFS!
I must ask my boss for a payrise.

There are all sorts of daft bastards willing to rent in the IFSC. Never understood it myself.

Those damn foreigners who work in the spar shops in town who start work at 6.00 in the morning and have no choice but to walk to work.