WIW 1152 Osberstown Cottages, Sallins, Co. Kildare


What’s people’s opinion of the asking price? What should I pay for it?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … re/2031775

Compared to some of the silly prices still being sought in this area, I reckon a price tag that starts with a “2” is a positive at least !

Location is good (walking distance to Sallins / train station) but I’d imagine the noise levels from the M7 motorway might take a bit of getting used to - was it noticeable when you went to view the property ?

The noise was noticeable but more of a constant noise so not too bad

EA said bidding went 240, then 280, then 285 which is where its at.

House is finished to perfection so your not putting any money into it. Complicates valuing a property cos normally you need to do work but not here

What to do. Still thinking about it.

240,000 to 280,000 seems like an unnecessarily large jump to me. If I was bidding and wanted to scare off another bidder I think I might go 10,000 higher rather than 40,000? If the bidder who raised the first offer by 40,000 was then outbid by another 5,000, surely they would come back with another higher offer? This would make me doubt whether or not these are genuine bids, but this is hard to verify I know. Also it is tempting when a house has been presented in showhouse condition to form more of an emotional attachment to it and to forget that there will be other really nice houses, at lower prices where your long term mortgage payments will be lower, leaving you with more disposable income.

the bid has gone to 290 and I’m still waiting on the sidelines. Just noticed yesterday that the owner is seeking retention for some work on a shed and a fairly large gym/shed built in the garden. Does retention take long to get? Could the EA progress the deal while retention is being sought? I wuold have thought that everything is on ice until the planning issues are sorted?

Do take important note, as has been referred to, that many of the furnishings and fittings are likely to be removed from the property when the prospective buyer takes it over. So think about imagining it empty. Will your stuff fit in with the style?

The retention could literally go on and on if there is a Bord Pleanala appeal.
In the general sense if there are no objections and if the council approves take a look at about 16 weeks from the date of application to final approval (you would have to have confirmation that an appeal had not been lodged with An Bord).