WIW - 118 Corke Abbey, Bray, Co. Wicklow

I would like advice on wiw on this house,at moment i rent house on the same street and this is exactly size house i need…i know house beside me was asking 219000 before sold but dont know final selling price…would it be rude to knock in and ask new owners??..

We are presently paying 1050 rent on house we live in so mortgage definately cheaper now…

the question i would ask is how do you fit 4 bedrooms into 91 sq m

wide angle lens and a closet

I live in same size house now,we have 2 large bedrooms and 2 box rooms,small bathroom so its probably 3 bed size house made into 4 bed,but i love this estate and size house is what we are used to…would price of house be cheaper so than more normal sized 4 beds??..am i mad thinking 200000 is good price or should i aim to get it cheaper…
There is loads of 3 beds in estate for under 200000 with around same floor space

What would be my starting offer price and realistically how much should i expect to end up paying??

easy now. 200,000 is way too much.
you should be able to get it for 160,000 to 180,000 at the most. Start off at 150,000
remember you can always go up you with your offers, doesnt work the other way

it is in effect a 3 bed house. 91 sq m is not a 4 bed house

you probably know better than anyone the problems with the houses so highlight that. dont be in a rush, take you time and be firm

thanks johnny…never thought of it like that ,that i’d be clued in on house problems,lack storage is big one…Totally new at house viewing,purchasing etc,have sat on renters fence forever and now i feel i want to buy…I will take your advice and try 150000 and test the waters,i know house has been on sale for ages so presume owners are dellusional regarding the present market…Would it be very cheeky to ask buyers of house that sold before xmas how much they ended up paying for it…?

its a bit cheeky but there are other way to ask
Like do they have any tips, was there much negotiation, estate agents etc etc
bottle of wine may get you a lot more info

We have a long way to go if people are still asking a quarter of a million euros for that. Would be interesting for a “Take 5 @ 250k”.

150k is a selling price. 230k gets better quality on Abbey Road in Monkstown.

Do detailed sums. The headline mortage repayments might be cheaper than 1050 if you got it for under 200k but make sure you factor in all the ownership costs - house insurance, mortage protection insurance, alarm, household charge (assume it will rise steeply over the next few years), maintainance costs, contingency costs for fixing stuff that sudddenly goes wrong etc etc. Try and make a realistic estimate of what that would cost on average on a monthly basis. Unless those costs + the mortage cost are significantly below 1050 a month, I wouldn;t even consider buying.

Have a look at this thread for comparison purposes.
Larger house, garage, larger garden, “nicer” part of Bray in some people’s opinion.
It was sold, as I said in the other thread, for slightly under €220,000. And even at that, some people on here thought it was overpriced.
You can still see it here:
Make up your own mind!
BTW, don’t be afraid about asking your new neighbours how much they paid. If they have kids, a few compliments about them is a good icebreaker.
If they don’t read the 'pin, they probably overpaid!!!

The first thing is to go and see it, and try to get some idea from the agent about what the seller is thinking. If the seller is ‘delusional’ you have to ask yourself what chance you have in the short term of bargaining them down.

But, it’s a real psychological problem for you that you already seem so sold on the house -that’s the wrong approach to my mind. There’s always another house you’ll fall for around the corner.

And, don’t entirely discount the possibility that the seller has read your posts.