WIW - 12 Ballymun Road, Glasnevin, Dublin 9

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12 Ballymun Road -

Back in the day - 5 years ago I say a small house on this street asking 850k.

If I had the time and inclination this is the type of property that would tempt me from SCD.

Close to the IFSC. Around the corner from Botanic Gardens. Quick hop to the airport to escape to the sun or salt the cash 1980s style in the Isle of Man (joke!).

Thoughts on value folks?

Historic building. The mother of all money pits. One where you’ll find a price that a buyer will bite by continued removal of zeros off the end of the number rather than cutting by percenatages.

I live locally, and pass it frequently, and this is my pipe dream house. It would be gorgeous once done up. There are still outhouses out the back from when it was part of a farm, a huge garden, fantastic location - money pit or not, this is a property worth saving from dereliction. WIW? No idea.

“Costing” the renovation before the fact is next to impossible on this one. The basement is unusuable. and it forms decent part of the reported square footage. Need to dig down 4-5 feet to make usuable (I dont think that depth is currently approved on the planning). that kind of dig-out is risky given its a semi-detached house. There is also a lot of water ingress. The roof was built in 3 parts over 200 hundred years and its protected. Last time I visited its was leaking badly despite some very cheap attempt to stauch it (just before put back on mkt)

I agree its has potential to be a great place but I can easily easily see 500k spent on it to get it ready to move in. At the current asking of 495 the “all-in” cost might be pushing a million. Im not even sure if that would include kitchen and bathrooms. If after all the rennovation and repair could you turn around and sell for Eur1mn if you had to??..not so sure… I think youd probably need a bit of a market rebound…

Having said that the garden has so much scope and the byres could be used for garage/gym/kids den if they were rennovated (again not included in current planning)… Its a tough one… Heart says worth thinking about. Head says run away and dont look back

Is there a comparable “fixed-up” version of this house for sale in the neighbourhood? Deduct 500k from the likely selling price and you’ve got an answer. Would that set the WIW around 2-300k?

Personally I think you’d be mad to tackle this “project”.

what was the documentary recently on house px collapse?

Richard Curran’s future shock follow-up on RTE. Might still be on the RTE player…

The world needs mad people. Mad as a brush types - I hope I have enought life force in me to see beyone a sensible semi d, in a nice area, with an attic for conversion…

All hail the life force 8DD

Don’t reckon you’d need to be mad but you would need to be rich. Or very handy and able to endure enormous amounts of stress. Or both preferably.

traffic is a nightmare here also

tight road with cars parked up both sides

cement/block deliveries will block traffic both ways, the neighbours will love you

More an issue with Huf Haus dropping in the panels and poor old Kevin McCloud getting some DNS jip. 8DD

Back on the market for auction with €250,000 AMV


The auction for this place was yesterday, it is now marked as sold. Anyone know how much it went for?



I’d like to get in touch with the purchaser. If they read this or anyone has any ideas could they PM me.

Lisney have relisted this 2 days ago


Looks like someone got cold feet or their bank?

Deposit lost i presume or clerical error by new intern in Lisney’s