WIW - 12 Mellow's Park, Renmore, Co. Galway

Hi there. I wondered what people thought the following property was worth;


Auctioneer says €50-60K input needed to get it up to standard.

Army misc non officer ranks housing built c 1980.

Your neighbours will be mainly army or ex army. Around 130k I’d say.

Ok, so despite the €50-60k investment needed, it still merits 130k in your opinion?

Dunno what kind of modernisation the house needs, but just a few figures here to start the ball rolling. I’m assuming - rightly or wrongly - the house will not be an investment property:

Really nice new kitchen and appliances = 12,000
two new high-spec bathrooms at 5,000 each (including plumbing and new radiators) = 10,000
window blinds or shutters = ??
quality wood or tile flooring in reception rooms, hall and kitchen = 12,000
cheap flooring in other rooms = 1,500
repaint whole house = 1500 - 3000
Garden landscape - 7000
Quality stove installation - 5000

Is that military barracks going to be shut down?

Is that house still not sold?

It is up for sale for ages .

I haven’t seen it inside so cannot say if it is worth 130k…

It goes without saying but if you are buying it get a good survey done ie itemised snag room by room with costs…

By all accounts, it went sale agreed twice - the deals falling through in both cases. The fresher brickwork that you see is an extension. It’s not finished upstairs - ceramics in but bare flooring/blockwork with some studded walling to go in. Perhaps it’s this that is holding up financing?

The rest of the house appears in order - but is very much dated. There’s nothing majorly wrong with it - but it’s easy to see how 50-60K could go missing to bring it up to standard.

12k for floor finish? In that house? 7k on a garden? Stove - 5k?

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Well, I had a solid wood floor installed in a 17 foot by 12 foot sitting room 10 years ago and it cost me 2000 pounds in total.

My stove figure I get from someone I know who recently installed a very nice one without that retro look that 99 per cent of stoves have.