WIW 12 Milltown Grove, Churchtown 14

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/1925020

4 bed, 1,593sq ft = 248 per sq ft
66ft garden with westerly exposure apparently

being extended already and could do with some modernisation in parts. quiet cul de sac location

are we talking value here, especially in the current market? Has it being deliberately pitched below 400k to get a bidding process going

not bad I suppose.
have never seen a shed in a front garden before!

Or a boat dock in a back garden…shame there is no water.

Looks nice however it is effectively a terraced house now due to the extension. The lack of a side entrance will put some people off. This is probably the reason for the small shed in the front garden. kitchen area definitely looks nice. Will be a busy viewing I imagine.

This one popped up in my rss feed for myhome.ie today too.

First thing I noticed was semi detached my ass. You have made it into a terrace with the extension. Deal with it!

Haven’t a clue what they’ve been up to with the gardens. Weird.

Seems nice from the pics though.

Bugs me when they put houses up as semi detatched and then add as feature:

Off-street parking and side entrance

I don’t know if they made it terraced, it’s very similar to my parents house where the garages are attached, we always called it semi detached too even though there’s no side entrance, as the actual houses weren’t attached?

it’s terraced in my books also. the shed out the front must be for the bins…or maybe it’s a garda hut and they have 24 hour protection!!!
Looks like it could be a busy viewing alright on Saturday

anyone make the viewing?

Did not view but I know these houses well - been in lots over the years.

Grove is very nice (parking is a bit cramped though outside of houses), very kiddie friendly, quiet and close to lot of amenities, luas about 15 minute walk. The houses are reasonably well proprtioned but rooms are a little small - proper opening up at the back really needed to make the most of them - it’s also possible to put in decent attic room as the houses have full pitched roofs

I think this will easily sell for more than asking

As an aside prices are down about 65% from peak for these (going off asking of this one and an achieved price for one that sold at peak, albeit an end of row, substantially longer garden but east facing rather than west). I know it’s simplistic analysis but that kind of figure give some kind of comfort (to me at least)

BTW - there is a lane running behind this house - entrance from next Grove up Braemor Grove I think - I don’t remember ever hearing any trouble with it and handy for those lamenting the lack of a side entrance

Jes you’d think I had an interest in selling this.

This is my first post but I’ve been reading the forums for a while now. I went to the first viewing of this property and it’s a lovely house on a lovely road, but I’d naively thought if it was up for 395,000 then it would sell for about 370,000. That seemed to be the way before there was a bout of bidding madness in the last few weeks. When I was at the viewing and heard a bid was already in for 406,000 I knew I was out of the running - but it was a lovely house!!

I’ve heard that the bidding is up at 450,00 which seems huge - I just wanted to ask you if you think it is a fair figure? I see from earlier posts some people thought it would exceed the asking or the estate agent was pricing it low to start anyway, but it could still go up from 450,000. I’d love to know what your thoughts are on the area and if that is the kind of price to expect around there?


I’ve just written a post expressing my surprise at the alleged high offer price for Wykham Park in Dundrum -500,possibly more. (See the thread on this same "sell, buy or rent"forum). I’m quite bullish as regards family homes in better suburbs and I know South Dub -county and city -quite well BUT…

… I would be amazed if Milltown Grove had reached 450k bidding. Good house,fair space,nice location- but even so, that’s a jump of over 20% from the type of prices a year ago for similar houses within a mile radius.

I know a friend of a friend (how dodgy does that sound!) who was in the bidding, and it was going up 1,000 at a time. So we thought a) it’d go to 415 max b) the EA might be artificially boosting the bidding. But seems above board, 3 bidders still in and definitely 450 this evening. I really do think it’s a lovely family home on a quiet cul de sac, but it’s close to hitting the half million - crazy.

Cheers for the update. This is not a half mill house. End of

We viewed it, and I agree.

As an aside, the estate agent at the viewing couldn’t even tell me what the BER was. She said I’d have to contact the office. Shoddy, but not really surprising. There was a bid in of 405, 000 at that point (this is a few weeks back) but we just weren’t interested.

very disappointed to see that all 4 bed semi’s(/terraced!) in SCD are now essentially going for 450k+…thats a good 20% over what I’m prepared to pay (though could afford to go for them at this new level). I’m not going to dive in just because things seem to be selling and increasing again…no matter how bad my need for a good sized family home.
IMO these prices are still mad especially with the mess in europe getting bigger. Yes, I may miss out and Yes, I may have to go out the country…but I’m not paying these prices just because there seems to be a bit of push on sales at the moment

I feel the same. I’m sure it’s down to the very low supply versus the people who’ve been waiting a few years to buy. I’m in the same position probably as the buyers - we have kids and we just want to be in the family home and settled. I’d even be willing to pay a bit over the odds to have it now. But I don’t want to have a huge mortgage so that I have a lovely family home but never see the kids anyway because I’ve to work my a** off now to pay the mortgage!

…but… the panicky part of me is thinking I’ve missed the boat, we should have bought the fixer upper we saw for 350 in April, we’ll always live in a shoe box and the kids will only see a swing set in the park!! then I have a glass of wine and calm down a bit, but they kind of frown on that in work…

Rest assured, there are two ways this could work out. If things keep picking up, your lemming-like compatriots will do all in their power to reinflate the bubble and price you out of the market forever. If they don’t, then a bunch of negative equity lemmings will default on their debts, sink the banks, and lose all your savings. Either way, I’d recommend just drinking more wine while the going is good. Lots of it.

Wow. Despite your seemingly faultless predictions, my lemming compatriots and I are highly offended. I shall take my crate of wine and be off. I have a house to view in SCD. It’s a little out of my price range starting at 420, but I hear the garden ends in a fabulous cliff-like feature. Sure to be popular.