WIW - 12 Oakley Road, Ranelagh

This is a fantastic house without many houses with recent sales to compare it to.

What do you think it is worth and how could I find out how long it has been on the market or at least listed on MyHome/Daft out of curiosity?

I assume you meant to put in a link :upside_down_face:https://www.myhome.ie/residential/brochure/lithgow-12-oakley-road-ranelagh-dublin-6/4335194

A fine house with excellent restoration and extension but €10,000 per square metre is nosebleed and this isn’t Ballsbridge .

See below for a link to the IT from when it went on the market (May of this year). While it is a fantastic house, I struggle to see how it would be worth the asking price which is more in line with more prestigious roads. While Oakley Road is nice, it is also home to a variety of different styles of houses and flats, and even a halfway house for people who have recently been released from prison (see below for another article).

One of the untold benefits of the Luas was it cleaned up the streets in some areas by sucking up all the drugs, junkies etc. etc. from various bus-stops and other areas of civic congregation and pedestrian transit but sure ya probably already know that. :wink:

I struggle to see how it would be worth the asking price

In this market it seems asking is an aspiration. I went to an open viewing (more out of curiosity) and the EA told me there was no bid and then tried to create a floor about 150k below asking - and then suggesting I put a bid in to create a discussion… the market is only going one way as far as I can see

Nothing in Ranelagh will achieve anything close to 5 M. Euro.

The top price I can find on the PPR is 3.05M for 24 Leeson Park, if you can call that Ranelagh. Some houses on Temple Gardens, less than a mile away, got 5M + a couple of years ago but everyone knows that was just tax dodging. A better house in a far superior setting, 29 Temple Road, went for 4.8M, way below asking.

People are paying around 8,500 sq. mt. for gussied-up 3-bed semis in Ranelagh, which would equate to the asking price here, but Geralyn Byrne must know that madness does not extend to larger houses. How can she explain that to the owner (her boss, literally)?!

Actually, 16 Northbrook Road sold for €3.4m in 2016.

There’s also another house for sale off market on Leeson Park that’s fully renovated and 5,500 ft. Offers of over €5m have been rejected.

Agree about the pricing on Oakley Road. They’d be better off starting lower and generating a bidding war like 5 Albany road or 24 Leeson Park.

Congratulations to Mark FitzGerald, getting close to 5 Million for his own house on Oakley Road. Much the highest price for a house in Ranelagh in the PPR. Proved the doubters wrong.


This will give renewed hope to the vendors of High Cross on Temple Road. Sherry Fitz. is seeking 5.6 M. for this far superior house - the best D6 house currently on the market. That London-based couple who bought Oakley Road will be sickened if High Cross goes for 5 Million.
But that’s a long way down from 7.5 Million they were asking in 2015.