WIW - 12 Wilson Road, Mount Merrion, Co Dublin

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another wiw from me. This needs complete renovation (not modernisation) but nice bungalow, great location. Re-wiring/plumbing/central heating/ needs bathrooms/kitchen/Walls repositioning. Upstairs needs a lot of work.
Price drop 425k to 385k. Other properties on road for sale are looking for 475k & 540k.
Any opinions appreciated?

It’s currently at €265 per square foot.

The renovation job could be done cheaply or expensively depending on the desired level of finish (say €60k - €135k); let’s presume something in between and price it at €100k. I’m also assuming that you don’t intend to convert the garage or extend the house. So assuming you get it for €350k, then after renovation, the price is €450k, or €310 per square foot.

That seems quite reasonable in comparison to the present asking price levels in Mount Merrion - although I do think those levels are somewhat skewed by some prices that are completely unrealistic. Nonetheless, unless there are significant structural flaws or other problems you haven’t raised here, I see no reason why this shouldn’t sell this season if they’re willing to accept something in the region of 85-90% of that asking price. Sticking my neck out: sale agreed by December '11, without a further drop in asking price.

Txs sharper.
Had thought 100k but was incl garage & pp for upstairs & work (needs sorting out) I must be way out on my thinking (overly optimistic)
I’d agree on offers being put in at 350k - nice location.
Not sure how many people will get mortgage approval & then money for work which needs doing.

If you do buy it and renovate it, keep the fireplaces.

Retro goldust.

There a great primary school around there!

Looks a good house. Garden pointing the wrong way, but it’s good and big.

Now sale agreed.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/1402157