WIW 121 Kincora Road

This house is asking €319000. However, understand there is planning permission application for large two storey house in next door back garden (number 123 Kincora Road) with access from the front garden as there is no access from back of house. How does this affect price? Is the asking fair value?


I know some people who bought around there in the peak times.

Paid mad money for quite small houses - 500k+ for something similar to that IIRC.

And they are quite small houses. What youre paying for here is the ‘cachet’ of living in Clontarf.

Something I dont understand myself. Its full of flats ffs.

I’d go for that house at around 245k. Thats allowing for the large garden.

Sold for €360 in the end on 29/06/2012
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