WIW 124 Lower Kilmacud road, Stillorgan

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/2708725

It was sold in August 2011 for €300K as per the property price register:
propertypriceregisterireland.com … and-29933/

There has been refurbishments done and it seems that someone could make a 6 figure profit on this even if it fails to get asking price. What are your views on the house, location etc?

that’s some flip if they can get that price…

The ad says it’s extended - any idea if they extended it within that timeframe or just refurbished?

It was up for rent as recently as December 2013 at 2500 per month:
webcache.googleusercontent.com/s … en&ct=clnk

On open viewing this weekend.
No doubt they want 30 couples in there fighting to offer the asking.
It’s a nice house but it’s overpriced.
I was going to see it but it would stick in my gut that it sold for 300 and now asking 225,000 more.
The dead cat is bouncing high but I doubt Ireland is going to buck every other property crash trend and keep going up.
It won’t end in tears though, as it’s mostly cash. It’ll just get rid of that element of purchasing power.
Let them fight away for 2014 and buy up the tosh that is coming to market.
Nearly every house I look at is in need of rewiring/replumbing/reroofing/insulating and total interior refurb.
To be expected as there are no repossessions and the houses that are coming up for sale are because the owners died.

look at the size of that deck !
do folks take time off whenever its sunny to go use their decks ?
It’s always raining when I have time to sit out.

Has anyone went to see the house? And does anyone familiar with the area?

Nice residential area a stone throw away from Mount Merrion.

As a neighbourhood Stillorgan/killmacud has always been undervalued.

I went to see this on Saturday. As previously stated the property is in a good location.

There is lots of room in the front of the house for parking etc. There is a Spar shop literally next door but the entrance isn’t too close. The interior seems fine and doesn’t deviate from the pictures. The downstairs toilet has a shower in it.

I’m not a fan of the decking and I’d get rid of it. It really is too big but the garden is large enough to not be swallowed up by it. Overall - the house is grand but I think it could do with a good bit more work. The kitchen is quite small as well. It will undoubtedly sell in the current market and I think they will get asking price.

I viewed this property a little over a week ago and the EA said they had an offer of 560K, does anyone know if it went?

For us, the sitting and dining rooms were too small, kitchen and bedrooms are a good size but missing ensuite and hotpress.


I was going to view it couple of weeks ago but was at 600k :open_mouth:
Area is great, I’m renting here, but that house on v busy main rd, right beside group of shops and opp large primary school that means gridlock and crazy parking at drop off and collections. Nicely done but not worth it. Rather be up the rd in mt m for that money.

Sold for 603k
propertypriceregisterireland.com … nd-105526/

Flippin heck!