WIW - 129 Nephin Road, Cabra, Dublin 7

Looking at places in D7 and this caught my eye. 3-bed semi-detached on corner, elevated, good sized front garden, potential for attic conversion.

Daft: daft.ie/11085926
MyHome: myhome.ie/3275431

Originally on the market for 349k in 2013 with DNG, went sale agreed for 325k in 2014, buyer pulled out (according to local EA, reason unknown). Was rented out then.

Went back on market with Sherry Fitz in early 2015, asking 375k. Reduced to 350k in Nov 2015. Apparently no bids until Feb 2016, then single bidder offered 320/325k. Rejected (according to EA), seller is holding out for 350k. No apparent movement since.

Viewed it once, solid family house in a good spot with some potential, but needs a lot of work: ancient wiring, signs of woodworm in flooring, BER = G, shaky extension, lean-to “garage”, tiny back yard. Viewed it with pal who’s a builder, we estimated 60k+ to get it in shape. Seems hard to justify when there are new builds 10 mins away which are bigger, A energy rating, costing less…

Is it worth 350k (plus cost of renovation/updating)?

Sold for €350k (asking price) in April 2017.

Had planning application up in July 2017 under name of Selton Media, whose directors include Cathal Gaffney (Oscar-nominated founder of Brown Bag Films).

Plans to demolish the lean-to garage and build a new 2-storey 1-bed house/apartment in its place.

Application was declared invalid on 27th July:
Type Short Desc
Reason Articles 18, 19(1) (A) & 22
Reason Plans and Drawings, Article 22
Reason Social and Affordable Housing

They seem to have done quite a bit of work on the existing house already, including very unfortunately replacing the dark wood front door and windows with bright white aluminium windows frames. Not suitable really.

At e350k it was very unlikely that a family or regular punter would buy it, was really investor territory. It’s good that there will be another unit available for purchase in the area, I just hope they make a half decent job of it.