WIW - 14 Edenbrook Drive, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14


Is it really work 420k? In my estimations at the moment, not more than 380k.

I don’t know anything about the area, but houses are generally selling at 10-15% below asking prices so if you think it’s worth 380k you should put in an offer (which would likely be accepted).

How did you arrive at your 380K estimated value?

Hmm, interesting…
I viewed this place on Saturday (which was apperently the first open viewing). The EA said that there was an offer in for…


not a bad location but needs a bit of modernising and perhaps a kitchen extension
so would’nt bid over 320k myself in the current enviroment

I was also at the viewing - it was busy!

On their initial ad, SF has the property down as 1280 sq ft. I was rounding that out at 300 per sq ft and got my magic figure. Clearly not alone in my thinking…

The square footage is now estimated at 1636.

The garden is only 38ft long so any extension would leave you with a tiny garden.

The fireplaces should be given protected status. Is everything for sale an executors sale?

If houses are fetching around 90% of their first asking price, I would suggest that asking prices are getting close to current buyer sentiment as to what is reasonable.

(Don’t know if we’re close to *pinster *sentiment yet - I’m waiting for someone to say 120k.)

Ahhh the awld ‘there’s an offer in for …’. My wife has viewed many properties in Rathfarnham over the last year or more, occassionally dragging me along. Every single time there has been ‘an offer in for …’ and not a one of them went sale agreed soon thereafter (in fact most are either still for sale or occupied by renters).

I think you need to read this as ‘they won’t accept anything less than …’.

In my opinion, given the location and size, this one would suit a family with a principal income of approx 80k - 100k. Therefore price in the region of 300k - 350k would be reasonable.

I called the EA earlier out of interest; apparently the highest bid now gone up to €390k.

Those are some mind games that EA is playing.
(Or maybe just maybe they are actual bids…).

One thing I dont get with this property, or at least with the ad, is that I cant see how it stretches to 150m2.

I summed up the ground floor area off the plans and it came to 70m2, and the upstairs is smaller as it doesnt cover the garage.

Sale Agreed: myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/1771917

Does anyone know what price this house went sale agreed at?

Back on at €395K

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/1771917

sure, they had so many bids from the first round of this sale, I’m surprised they had to put it back on myhome!!!

Viewed this today and there was a lot of people. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would pay near the asking.

After viewing I am not surprised it is back on the market if the person who went sale agreed was potentially paying anything in the region of €390K. I reckon the surveyors report scared the hell out of them.

Where do I start? The back garden is east facing and no privacy.
Needs rewiring and probably a new central heating system too.
Damp problem in the bedroom over the garage.
Needs new bathroom and kitchen as well.

Considering the Butterfield area and also viewed this today.

Great area, but you will need to put a good bit of money into this house.

Front and back gardens need work, great if you’re “looking for a challenge” and fancy yourself as a gardener :laughing:

The extension to the house was very unusual, very narrow, and I am not certain how you would use it. The extension added a narrow almost bay window to the open plan sitting room and then a narrow utility room to the kitchen. Not very practical and I am not sure how easy it would be to make extension all one kitchen, from what I could tell two of the walls were load bearing.

Sitting room is nice, very big, open, and I loved the fire places, maybe not to everyones liking.

Understairs storage, maybe eventually downstairs loo, more spending.

Upstairs, 4 very decent sized bedrooms, however definitely something wrong with the damp on the extension bedroom wall, more spending to sort that out. The extension has a small ensuite, not ideal, but its there.

Its priced for the area, but anyone considering, will need an extra few bob to sort out kitchen, damp, wiring, windows, roof of garage.


395k per the reg