WIW 14 Iona Park Glasnevin

Unbelievable hike in price from 13 and 21 which both sold in 2011 and 2012 for c. 550.

This is crazy isn’t it?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -9/2863185

Asking 850k.

I know. But surely that’s too high?

Nice big bedrooms, tidy at the back, presumably quiet road.

What’s it competing with at this price?

No. 88 Iona Road sold for 865 about 2 months ago.

These WIW threads are increasingly meaningless. What it’s ‘worth’ has nothing to do with it. Unfortunately.

Pictures of 88 are still up if you want to compare.
88 was detached, had off street parking and had a south facing garden.
14 has none of that but from recent experience it will probably get its asking and then some… grumble grumble

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -9/2732918

Yes, almost certainly.
But it’s a mad bubble price.
Arguing that these are not bubble prices basically means arguing that the prices in ca 2007 were non-bubble too.

What price did these achieve in 2007?

More than I thought by all accounts
I’d have recollected that they topped out at around €1m, and would have seen €850k asking, probably achieving more than that (say €900k to €1m sale price) as being a return to those numbers (give or take). If they were actually achieving 1.3m, then this is obviously still a share below and must be a great bargain (obviously… XX )

OK, so we’re presumably at about 2004 prices.

I was looking to buy in 2003 and remember even modest non-period semi-ds in south Dublin costing 800k, but it was a long time ago and my standards have probably been ground down in the intervening years.

Were we in a bubble in 2004?

Now that’s a question. Although property rose a lot in the late 90’s, I would said this was fundamental, the economy did improve significantly with the Celtic tiger and interest fell alot too in the late 90’s. I would say the bubble kicked off about 2001/2, that’s when banks started to borrow foreign money and release into the economy.