WIW - 14 Londonbridge Road, Sandymount, Dublin 4

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I can’t see a planning application for a three bed mews at 14A (I see in 2007 permission was sought to demolish an earlier granny flat but not to build over it) so let’s assume for the sake of argument that buyer will need to bear the cost of demolition of the mews (seeing as the granny flat was built without PP and a retention application was withdrawn).

Any thoughts?

Thought it was suspiciously cheap alright!

Not sure I’d call 350k before renovations cheap, but let’s say “low in the context of the expectations of local sellers”.


FInd out when the mews went up. Based on that, take a gamble on getting over the 7 year ‘statute of limitations’ line (prior to which someone can order you to take it down).

Then apply for a retention you’ll most certainly get at that point. Failing retention, you can sell the mews at a bit of a discount to someone who doesn’t prize an (what will be by then) unnecessary bit of paper

And trouser a tidy profit.

i seriously doubt the extension is even worth keeping.

**edit - scratch that - was thinking of another place

Went to see this Tuesday. Huge amount of work needed but main house will be lovely. Ceilings very high. Could be very grand when finished.

The mews however is unbelievable. It occupies nearly every bit of space out back, is clearly damp and there is a bedroom at the top of a tiny spiral staircase that would never have got planning permission by any stretch of the imagination - in a fire it’s an absolute death trap. Agent was suggesting a buyer could rent out the mews for an income while doing up the house. I wouldn’t put a dog in it.

Judging my the crowds on Tuesday it’ll go over asking, even though a lot of people were put off by the scale of the work.

Hi there, would anybody know if a bank would give a mortgage when the mews at the back lacks planning permission? I thought you could get a mortgage on the back of the value of the main house alone but somebody was saying that the bank won’t actually give you a mortgage if a portion of the property lacks planning permission, even though the loan-to-value mortgage would be acceptable if you just considered the value of the part of the house that has planning permission. Would anybody know whether that’s true? Why can’t I just tell the bank there is no mews at the back and get a mortgage only on the main house?
Any advice/explanation would be very much appreciate.

Get a quote for flood insurance before putting any bid in. It’s in one of the floodiest areas of Dublin…

thanks Duisigh and Mantissa. it looks like they stopped showing it but the bidding has already gone way past asking price. Last offer when I rang was Eur 435k

discussed in detail here;

Ad seems to be gone from the web…?

Apartment 14, Londonbridge Road, Sandymount

Sold €521k (13-8-13)