WIW 14 Victoria Avenue, Donnybrook


Asking € 595K - would probably accept € 500K. S/B closer to € 450K in current mkt and one would certainly not lose much at € 350Kish (at btm in 18/24 mnths approx)

Some info from past re other gaffs on same road:





Don’t be to sure. These houses have always attracted a premium given that they are a 2 min walk from Herbert park.

Personally I think that there is better value in other parts of the city but if you want 1450 sq ft in Donnybrook/Ballsbridge for less than €600k go no further.

Landlord. Were you to, for example, adjust the 1995 price (converted to Euro) at the rate of inflation over the 17 years you would arrive at a value today of approx € 225,000. There is no way in hell that these gaffs will fetch anything above € 400K when we eventually reach bottom in approx 18/24 months. I can see them bottoming at approx € 350K and that’s assuming bottom is not reached in 20-25% time, a very big assumption given the massive deficit we are using each year as a stimulus in this kip and artificially maintaining salaries at current levels, etc.

According to the Register: 12/06/2012: 14 VICTORIA AVENUE, DONNYBROOK €545,000

Good price :slight_smile:

reasonable price.

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