WIW 140A Mulvey Park, Dundrum, Dublin 14

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/1952610

Brand new to Myhome.ie today.

375K, 3 bed, 2 bath I think. Near Windy Arbour Luas and UCD.

Sq Ft not given (very annoying!) but seems pretty big for an A

Down to 339k now.


not the nicest part of Dundrum imo

I think this is a great location. Close to the shopping centre but far enough away that you can avoid getting caught up in the crazy traffic associated with it. Close to Luas, good set of local shops, close to city centre. This particular estate I know well and it is very settled, quiet and with a nice community spirit. I actually really love the look and feel of some of these ex-council estates but if I was buying in them would much prefer to buy one of the actual ex-council houses as opposed to a new build.

The estate looks a wee bit scruffy, particularly for the popular image of Dundrum and is definitely the cheap end of Dundrum, but it is generally quiet and settled. It is a popular area for student lets, being so close to UCD, so that’s something to consider in terms of noise, etc.

Houses in council estates sell for less than the same house in private estates. This house has been priced at 50-100k less than similar houses in “better” parts of Dundrum so should sell.

However, can someone point out if I have this wrong …

On myhome.map under the description of this house there are two other houses in Mulvey Park.

156 M Park semi-D 820 sq ft € 250K
177 M Park terraced 726 sq ft € 450K

Have I erred in my reading ?