WIW 147 Oxmantown Road, Stoneybatter, Dublin 7

Hello Pinsters

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -7/2913654

December asking price 330k, EA says 310k has been rejected. What do you think its worth? Is 330 not a bit on the high side for Stoney Batter?

Anyone else viewed it?


12/09/2014 €237,500.00 83 Oxmantown Road, Stoneybatter, Dublin 7, Dublin 7
30/06/2014 €265,000.00 94 Oxmantown Road, Stoneybatter, Dublin 7, Dublin 7
14/10/2013 €148,000.00 ** 102 Oxmantown Road, Dublin 7, Dublin 7
21/12/2012 €195,000.00 105 Oxmantown Road, Stoneybatter, Dublin 7, Dublin 7
03/12/2012 €185,000.00 187 Oxmantown Road, Stoneybatter, Dublin 7
31/05/2012 €164,000.00 144 Oxmantown Road, Stoneybatter, Dublin 7, Dublin
02/06/2010 €148,000.00 104 Oxmantown Road, Stoneybatter, Dublin 7, Dublin

330K too much? Depends on whether you’d be proud or embarrassed to have paid so much more for this terraced house than the neighbours did for theirs…

Anybody who bought a house in Dublin in the last 6 months will probably have a similar issue. Everything I’ve looked at is much higher than neighbouring sales from 2010-2013.

Bold of them turning their nose up at the 310k but they’re probably thinking they can get somebody with mortgage approval that needs to be used up before the CB rates apply to them…

I would very carefully examine the area (sq ft) they are claiming for this house.

Meanwhile, number 191 for €295,000:
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -7/2993421

624sq/ft vs 924 sq/ft

The kitchen extension in no.147 must be 300sq/ft!

Yeah, it seemed very expensive compared to whats listed on the PPR, and I spoke to the EA for 191 Oxmanstown road at the time and he said they had no offer on it.

Not sure what the vendor is thinking, I told the EA that they should accept 310.


The Property Shop are agent for #147 and they have always
a) dominated the sales for the Stoneybatter area
b) inflated prices at least 20% above what seems reasonable

(I remember noting this when looking for a house in 2006/2007)

I suppose the reason that they corner the market is because they promise unrealistic prices, and if they’re the monopoly, then they can potentially achieve them… Good for the vendor, bad for the buyer…

Meanwhile, in other Property Shop news:
broadsheet.ie/2015/02/06/tra … ce-bubble/

Quod erat demonstrandum.

Seems crazy for the size/area/BER, but you only need one or two interested and away you go.

Its been on the market since September now according to collapso, so 5 months is this a long time? Somewhat interesting with regards to similar properties in the area. I went to 3 differnet open viewings on Saturday and one viewing on Tuesday. First two opening viewings were pretty much tumbleweed one other party viewing and the EA. EA is spinning the usual nonsense, buoyant market, offers flying in, sure you should stick in an offer, maybe our morgtage broker could help you out… called him back Monday no offers

Third viewing lots of people milling about, Id say maybe 10 in total, EA pretty quiet

The viewing on Tuesday was interesting as there was an unusually candid EA. EA said that the market in that area had stagnated, they were lucky if they were getting one interested party per property. The sellers were of the opinion that the market is still moving up, EA said most buyers were coming in with low ball offers and not much movement after that. Also properties that went sale agreed in Nov/Dec/Jan are now falling through and coming back on the market.

I had dealings with Orla from the property shop in 2008.

She was selling a house in Dublin 7 asking 530k. People we getting a bit spooked in the market and there was a lot of talk of soft landings.

I made an offer of 415k to price in the downside of the market (or so I thought). She laughed at me and told me she would not even be putting my offer to the vendor. Needless to say the house eventually sold for a lot less than 415k.

I met her a month later at a different viewing with a friend of mine who was interested in another one of her houses. She said ‘I shouldn’t be even letting you in here after the offer you made me on the last house’. She wasn’t joking.