WIW 149 Herberton Road, Rialto

Thinking of having a look at this one - www.myhome.ie/1475180
Am not familiar with the area so hoping for some pinster input.
Its really a three bed (fourth is downstairs), but has a decent garden and looks close to town.

Dodgy area?, right price, anyone looked at it already?

This is on offer from more than 99k? Really?

Even google street view appears to show a house which is red rotten.

Offer 130k and see how you go.

ahem…local boozer… ratemypub.ie/pub.php?county= … d-Flanagan

I personally wouldn’t fancy Rialto. But there have been threads recently enough on whether or not certain areas are ‘dodgy’ and essentially some of it comes down to your definition of dodgy.

It takes one short click and a rotate on Street View to see Dolphin House flats - 5 minutes walk?

Thanks, I think thats one to take of the list so.

Avoid the area.